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A security guard from the Philippines who wanted to take revenge on a motorist for allegedly assaulting him ended up in an even deeper mess.

The 38-year-old man took matters into his own hands and planned to confront the allegedly suspect. The only problem is that he assaulted the wrong one.

According to a report from GMA News, the suspect, identified as Francis Figueres confronted and assaulted another man who he thought was the same one who harmed him.

The victim was identified as Tristan Tabboga who was riding a golf cart when Figueres confronted him at a road in Barangay Naguilian.

Tabboga revealed how he was surprised to be confronted by Figueres who used a metal object to hit the former in the hand. When Tabboga asked Figueres what his problem was, it only led to the latter attacking him further.

Tabboga called his father for help afterward. Figueres was also arrested later on.

When he was checked, it was discovered that Tabboga also had stab wounds to the stomach and legs. Police added that Figueres was also drunk when he attacked the 38-year-old victim.

Figueres explained to authorities the motive behind the attack, explaining the assault he suffered from a yet-to-be known motorist. Regardless, Tabboga is determined to file charges against him since he was almost killed in the case of mistaken identity.

Security guards are not spared from getting roughed up globally.

There was a recent case of a local security guard near Eighth Street and Dakota Avenue who was assaulted and had his weapon used against him on Wednesday, Dec. 29.

Arrested was Craig Allen Nichols for assaulting a security guard and then allegedly stealing his taser. Worse, the 29-year-old man allegedly tased the security guard in the face.

Thankfully, the victim received minor injuries from the incident.

Nichols is currently held at the Minnehaha County Jail and charged with aggravated assault. His bond has not yet been set as of Thursday, Dec. 30.

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