The ongoing relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is no secret to anyone. The dramatic duo was spotted together again at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California about two weeks ago, which caused everyone to assume a possible reconciliation between the singers.

According to Hollywood Life, the famous exes were seen hanging out poolside and were not holding back on the PDA. However, this is not the first time they decide to randomly hang out, leaving people wondering if they are indeed back together.

A different side to this story popped up this week, when a source told In Touch Gomez was using Bieber to cover up her relationship with movie star Orlando Bloom. The magazine reports Selena spent all day with Justin at the pool on July 11, and all night with Orlando on the same day.

“Selena has quietly been seeing both of them,” the “friend” says. “She was freaking out when the details of her day came out because she didn’t want Justin to know about Orlando, or vice versa. She really thought she was keeping it all a secret, but now everybody knows – including the guys!”

Gomez has yet to make any declarations on the subject, but who knew the former Disney star could play two of the biggest players in the entertainment industry! You know what they say: it’s always the quiet ones!