Selena Gomez’s recent attempt at praising Bella Hadid has gone bad. As the “Lose You To Love Me” singer tried to compliment Hadid for a photo she shared on Instagram last weekend, Hadid responded to Gomez by deleting the post.

On Sunday, Hadid shared a photo of herself on the social media site and immediately received a compliment from Gomez, who commented on the post with the word “stunning.” Fans of Selena Gomez and Hadid were touched by the gesture, considering their past.

As Hadid’s followers waited for her to respond to Gomez’s comment, they were shocked when the model took down the post. While it is normal for celebrities to thrash one another online, what happened between Gomez and Hadid last weekend instigated a Twitter firestorm as it was the first time for Gomez to be thrashed by Hadid.

Earlier this month, Gomez and Hadid made headlines after Gomez followed Hadid on Twitter. It can be recalled that the two celebrities had not been in good terms for many years, so it came as a surprise for fans when Gomez suddenly followed Bella Hadid.

Gomez and Hadid’s feud started when Gomez hooked up with The Weeknd, who had been in an unstable relationship with Hadid for many years. Gomez came into the picture as soon as The Weeknd and Hadid went their separate ways, but their relationship did not last long. In 2017, Bella Hadid and Gomez unfollowed each other on Instagram but Hadid seemed to have made peace with Gomez when she liked one of her Instagram photos earlier this year.

Now, fans are wondering if the deep twist in their relationship years ago was the reason for Hadid’s harsh response to Gomez’s sweet gesture on Instagram. Hadid is still not following Gomez on the social media site but both of them seem to have already healed from the wounds of the past, so it’s a puzzle for many why Hadid would react to Gomez’s innocent comment that way.

There are speculations that Hadid was not happy with Gomez’s comment so she just deleted the post, but the model has yet to respond to the accusations.

Selena Gomez
Photo of Selena Gomez. Sebastian Vital/Flickr

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