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Check out these Latinas that are killing it on television right now. Reuters

Selena Gomez just won the Triple Threat award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards for being a singer, actor and a dancer. Well, she can add producer to that list as well and make herself a Quadruple Threat that no one will want to mess with, not even you Justin Bieber. The "Come And Get It" hitmaker is aligning herself with the Freeform cable network to produce a new project. This show is a drama and it's described as the "Latino Empire." The series will be based in a low-income Latino neighborhood and tell the story of a girl that will achieve greatness in the near future, according to Deadline. Gomez is attached as executive producer along with Aaron Kaplan.

Selena Gomez is also producing the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," an adaptation of the best-selling young adult book. Selena Gomez getting behind the camera and working as a creative is a stellar step forward in her prolific career. We especially like that her recent project will have a Latino cast, which will allow actors more opportunities for work as well as make these stories more prominent. If the Hispanic version of "Empire" is half as good and popular as the FOX tv show, it will make producers and executives want to tell more Latino-centric storylines.

Just like Selena Gomez, there are other women kicking butt on television and we want to highlight them. Take a look at some of the most prominent women on the small screen here:

1. Jennifer Lopez: Another qudruple threat is our beloved Bronx-diva. What cant's this woman do? JLo is currently the star and producer of NBCs cop drama "Shades Of Blue." We love that she is a strong woman that he's ups and downs like the rest of us. She is also one of the judges on the "farewell season" of "American Idol." This is where she shines and gives us her real life personality that we adore. Lopez is also on television as the producer of Freeform's "The Fosters."

2. Gina Rodriguez: As the star of "Jane The Virgin," Gina is the face of the show. Critics love it and audiences love this quirky show based on the Venezuelan telenovela, "Juana La Virgen." Rodriguez is a true star and shines week after week in this show that has us hooked. Gina is even the recipient of a Golden Globes thanks to her role on the CW show.

3. Gabrielle Ruiz: Her classical trainining in vocal technique helped her land a role in the musical comedy "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." As Valencia, she is the obstacle between Rebecca Bunch and Josh Chan. The latter is Valencia's boyfriend, but Rebecca is trying to steal her away from her. Valencia has given Bunch a run for her money, playing her so delicately, and although we are not really supposed to like her, she really do.

4. Stephanie Beatriz: The Argentina-born actress plays the always grumpy Rosa on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." We love her attitude on the show and she doesn't take and "ish" from anybody.

5. Melissa Fumero: She is also an actress on the comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Unlike Rosa, Melissa plays Amy, a girl that just wants to be in everyone's good graces, which gets her into hilarious scenes.

6. Sofia Vergara: How can we forget Sofia Vergara? The "Modern Family" actress broke out on this show into stardom that we don't think she ever imagined. Thanks to this show she has also had opportunities to produce and landed many commercials.

7. Karla Souza: The "How To Get Away With Murder" star is also one to be proud of. The Mexican actress wow's us every week with her portrayel of Laurel Castillo.

What other Latinas are killing it on television right now?

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