Selena Gomez’s stories and secrets have come out just in time for her birthday last Monday. The star has had a rough time following her breakup with Justin Bieber, and the rumors and stories about her have yet to die down. Here are some of the rumors and secrets about everyone’s favorite singer and actress. 

Her Colorful Dating Life (2009–2017)

Gomez has dated quite a roster of guys aside from the highly publicized and romanticized relationship with Justin Bieber. Among them are actor Taylor Lautner in 2009 and international sensation DJ Anton Zedd in 2015. She also had an almost year-long relationship with rapper The Weeknd in 2017, but it ended due to distance issues.

The Justin And Selena Roller Coaster (2010–2015)

Bieber and Gomez were first made public in 2010, followed by a tumultuous on-and-off relationship until 2015. The reason for their last breakup became an issue after the two went on an all-out social media war, highlighting cheating as one of the main actors.

Gomez accused him of cheating “multiple times,” while Bieber retorted that she was unfaithful to him with singer Zayn Malik. Bieber got married to Hailey Baldwin in 2018, but he’s recently been reported to have been messaging Gomez still — reportedly causing Baldwin to go on a fit.

Selena At Rehab (January 2014)

Gomez allegedly entered rehab at Arizona’s The Meadows, citing that she was recovering from chemo due to her battle with lupus. The Radar, however, claims that her stint at the rehab was because of her excessive partying lifestyle.

Tour Cancelation And Return To Rehab (September 2016)

In 2016, Gomez canceled her “Revival” tour and returned to rehab. She was reported to have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, leading her to seek help for it.

The Kidney Transplant (2017)

The Latina actress receives a special gift from her best friend Francia Raisa, who had given her kidney for transplantation. Gomez was suffering complications due to her lupus disease, and her best friend offer her kidney to help.

Treatment For Depression (Early 2018–Sept 2018)

In early 2018, she landed at a facility in Connecticut for therapy. In September that year, she posted a tear-filled Instagram video explaining how anxiety and depression was “her life” for five years.

Third Time At Rehab (October 2018)

The singer once again landed back at rehab after a mental breakdown in October last year. She was reportedly “despondent and emotional” over a low white-blood cell count, leading to her admission to a hospital. She went on a social media break after this.

Her New Life (2019)

Gomez is reportedly doing better, returning from her social media hiatus with a positive mood. She has been reportedly linked to Zac Efron earlier this year as they have some “chemistry” between them. 

But at the moment, Gomez is said to be ready to date and is “putting herself out there.” “She is in a much better headspace and is really happy right now,” claimed a source.

Selena Gomez Photo of Selena Gomez. GettyImages