With the 2020 United States Presidential Election set in November, President Donald Trump has been working double-time to recover his currently failing campaign and win over seniors and Latinos who seem to be losing faith in Trump's performance.

According to a report, the latest senate polls indicated that democrats have a good chance at grabbing seats in battleground states due to Biden's sizable lead over Trump.

Florida, in particular, where Trump was able to garner much of his support from seniors strongly supporting Republicans, has seen a different trend in the recent polls. Compared to the previous 80 percent support given to Trump in the previous elections, the current numbers have gone down to 70 percent.

The source attributes this decline to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting older Americans at large, and that these seniors cannot see how the current administration can help them in their plight.

A recent poll from the New York Times showed the same trend as Biden gets the majority vote with 52 percent support from Latinos. Trump only received 29 percent votes from Hispanics.

Real Clear Politics, a political news site and polling data aggregator, concluded through its polls that Trump has lost to Biden by 6 percent. Clearly, these numbers seem to challenge the president's chances for his second term.

Analysts have written that the reason why Trump may have been losing his grip on seniors and Latinos alike may be due to a failed handling of the pandemic. Others have expressed that the seniors in Florida may have had the impression that their health and safety are only secondary to Trump’s commitment to business interests.

A previous analysis from the Tamba Bay Times may provide an explanation for this after it indicated the 83 percent of coronavirus-related deaths in Florida are of people aged 65 and older.

With more polls favoring Biden, the Biden campaign led by Representative Donna Shalala, 79, held an organizing and writing workshop for seniors in May. Biden's proposition for the seniors was discussed and it appeared to have succeeded in winning their accord.

Gerald Cadava who is a historian and author of The Hispanic Republican -- a book that illuminated the century-long history of complicated dynamics between Latino liberalism and conservatism -- said that Trump's supporters were after the president's machismo and decisiveness to "strongly and authoritatively come in and fix things."

Luisana Pérez Fernandez, with the Florida Democratic Party, cited Trump's behavior towards peaceful protesters which was said to be "abusive" of military power.

Another insight from Matt Barreto who researched for Latino Decisions said that the sharp decline in support from seniors and Latinos in Florida could impact his chances for re-election.

Donald Trump Donald Trump speaks at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, on April 18, 2015 Andrew Cline / Shutterstock.com