Señora Católica Tweets
We're all sinners according to Señora Católica. Read her funniest tweets here! Graphic

There are so many gems on Twitter. You can find so many funny personalities on the social network, but there's one that stands out—a woman who calls out the sins in life. That account is Señora Católica, and she shames everyone.

Going through her timeline, we found messages that anybody can relate to. According to this woman, we are all sinners, and we're all dancing with the devil. Only Señora Católica is perfect and she does no wrong. Every scenario she describes are exaggerated, but they are common scenarios that any human can find themselves in.

The Señora Católica account has ammassed more than 182 thousand followers and has posted almost 18 thousand tweets. At the end of the day, it's funny seeing how the people behind the account twist the situations in the sin.

We have compiled some of the funniest tweets to prove we are all sinners. Read through and tell us if you can relate to any of the snaps.

1. For those that constantly update their location on Facebook.

2. For those that don't actually read.

3. For those that enjoy "música corriente."

4. We can't even look at the moon now?

5. But he is... and he... ugh, it's complicated.

6. Nothing better to celebrate Earth than eating dirt?

7. For those that wear "polo" shirts.

8. For all those that posted about Prince, that didn't actually know Prince.

9. For all those that thought Prince Royce had died, when news broke about Prince's death.

10. For those with multiple crushes.

11. For those that wear different color contact lenses.

12. So......

13. Anything Donald Trump is a sin.

14. For those with massive credit card debt.

15. For those in a relationship that forget they ever had friends.

16. For those in a relationship that love to wear matching clothes.

17. For those that over share on social media.

18. For those that take selfies in a dressing room trying on clothes, but don't buy the clothes.

19. For those that go to the gym at night time to "work out."

20. For those that wish Happy Birthday on people they don't know.

21. For those up late at night on Twitter.

22. For those that confuse an "El Chavo" character.

23. For those that love gardening.

24. For those that call Wednesday "hump day," this applies.

25. For those that see something else in this orange.

26. If you're Dilma Rousseff.

27. For those that have stretch marks.

28. For those that erase tweets.

29. For those that are spousal abusers.

30. If you're depressed.

31. If you're a player.

32. For those that call everybody "friend" when they are not.

33. For those that try to talk to someone asking if they know them from somewhere.

34. For those that publish their phone number on social media.

35. For those that make weird faces in pics.

36. For those that have a dirty mind.

37. For those that make pre-cooked rice.

And if you're Señora Católica, you're always right.

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