It’s almost baby time for Sergio Mayer Mori and Natália Subtil. Bárbara Mori and Sergio Mayer’s 18-year-old son is about to become a father of a baby girl with the 28-year-old Brazilian model. When news of the pregnancy broke several months ago, the whole situation became a non-stop baby mama drama. Both the grandmother-to-be and the future grandfather were incredibly vocal about not wanting a relationship with Subtil, and even Sergio Jr. repeated that he didn’t want to have a family with her.

“I would never in my life have a family with Natalia to be honest,” he told Televisa Espectáculos a few months ago. However, he’s always said that regardless of his relationship with the model, he will take care of the child and nothing will keep him from being a good father. “I will take care of my baby. My relationship with him or her will be one hundred percent. I just wanted to make that clear. Because this is not the baby’s fault.”

After a very rocky start of the pregnancy, it seems that now, as Natalia is only weeks of giving birth, things have calmed down and everyone seems to be trying to get along for the sake of the baby girl. El Universal caught up with Mayer Mori at the beginning of the month, when he revealed that fatherhood makes him happy. “There’s only a few months left before the baby is born and everything is going according to plan. I’ve even gotten a few things for my daughter, whose name will be Mila,” he said.

The young father also disclosed delivery arrangements. “I will be in the delivery room because I’m waiting for her by the minute and we’re all excited for her arrival.” He didn’t say, however, if Mila is going to be born in Mexico or in the U.S. Meanwhile, Natalia posted a photo on her Instagram account that might confirm that her relationship with Mayer Mori is improving. She captioned it: “In Japan people say that there’s an invisible wire connecting people who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The wire can stretch or get tangled, but it can never break.”

Subtil also shared a picture of her wearing nothing but sweats and a white strapless brassiere that left her baby bump in full display. “For all of you, here’s my beautiful Mila,” she captioned the photo. She had previously shared a video of the baby moving inside her belly while she ate Mila’s favorite ice cream, “Dulce de leche.”

This all comes after Natália deleted all the photos from her Instagram account at the beginning of the month, which included her racy shots for Playboy magazine, which prompted the Mayer-Mori clan to heavily criticize her. She uploaded a few images from before her pregnancy and explained that she just wanted to give her social media account a different look.

“Hello all! I decided to delete all my photos to give my Instagram a new ‘face and personality.’ I’m coming back with my blog with fashion tips, music, lifestyle, motherhood and more. I hope you like this new venture and please feel free to share your comments and suggestions so I can keep improving! Link on my profile. Enjoy. I love you all!” she wrote.