Fans of the famed Colombian singer Shakira have taken to Twitter to ask her to stop allowing the aquarium SeaWorld to play her music during their killer whale shows. SeaWorld has been dealing with a PR nightmare after the national broadcast of the controversial documentary "Blackfish" on CNN. "Blackfish" focuses on Tilikum a captive killer whale at SeaWorld of Orlando. This whale is responsible for the deaths of three people, most recently SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Feb. 2010. "Blackfish" directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite sought to explore why Tilikum would kill and ended up discovering a larger problem at the heart of the industry.

What the film ended up uncovering, using eye witness testimony, video footage and interviews with former SeaWorld trainers was that this multimillion dollar corporation sacrifices the well-being of their animals in an attempt to generate profits. The film shocked many who viewed it and has sparked a movement to see the animals housed in SeaWorld's collection released to open ocean pens, which would act as sanctuaries allowing the animals to enjoy their retirement in their natural habitat. Since the film was aired people have come together to demand these animals receive better treatment. Even celebrities have tweeted about the film.

SeaWorld will be hosting a series of events every weekend from Feb. 1 through Mar. 9, 2014 called Bands, Brew & BBQ. With the support behind "Blackfish" growing fans have started petitions to get some of their favorite bands to pull out of the SeaWorld event. Acts such as Willie Nelson, Barenaked Ladies, Heart, Cheap Trick, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and REO Speedwagon have all dropped out of their SeaWorld gigs citing having seen "Blackfish" as the cause. Fans have now begun to petition musicians asking them to tell SeaWorld to stop playing their music during killer whale shows.

Fans and animal activists say the loud sounds of the music hurts the sensitive creatures and can damage their ability to echolocate. Fans of Shakira have asked the singer via Twitter to stop allowing the aquarium to play "Suerte" during their shows. Some Twitter users have said that Shakira will be playing a show at SeaWorld but no date for that event has been found. Others simply ask the singer to pull her music from the Shamu show. While many who view "Blackfish" do not call themselves animal activists, it is difficult to watch the film and not feel compelled to act.


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