Was there a little voice in your head that said “Queeeeeen” as you watched Shakira in her element at the Super Bowl halftime show on February 2? Well, you’re not alone. The 43-year-old artist’s moves sent netizens into a tizzy.

If you’re probably sitting there and wondering—quite like the millions world over—about what actually went into Shakira’s plate, you’re on the right page.Turns out, a large part of it had to with a strict yet creative diet teamed with (read CRAZY) workouts.

“They don't have the same healthy foods, it's different, so I would bring macadamia milk or plant protein powder or tiger nuts,” said celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, who trained Shakira at her place in Barcelona for six weeks straight leading up to the Super Bowl halftime performance. Needless to say, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer cut down on sugar and dairy intake.

Coming to her workout plans, Kaiser divulged that Shakira wasn’t too keen on going 90 minutes straight during a workout. So, it was broken in the form of 15 minutes or 30-minute workouts. Shakira didn’t like monotony creeping in, so there was a healthy mix of dance-based interval training, full-body cardio and toning the next.

Here’s another fun fact: Shakira never missed an opportunity to enact one of her favorite Kaiser moves. “She loves my cobra arm series,” said Kaiser in a recent interview, adding, “This twist on a tricep push-up "really activates every muscle in your arm, and you feel it immediately.” What’s important to note is that Shakira often brought forth a creative spin into Kaiser’s workouts. “She can do things I couldn't do in a million years because she's classically trained in belly dancing. It's really fun to see her make things her own and take it up a notch,” revealed Kaiser.

 The staunchly focussed Shakira didn’t stop at just achieving optimum physical health, she was MIA on social media and otherwise just to be focussed. Kaiser and Shakira were committed to keeping her phone off and not get swayed away by “too much” information.

Kaiser and Shakira’s collaboration dates back to a decade ago, and they share a special rapport—they often FaceTime workouts together.

Kaiser couldn’t stop gushing about Shakira’s persistence and also hailed the singer as one of the hardest workers she’d ever met.  What’s crucial to note is that Shakira quite aced the art of balancing it all. “She took a break to see family and enjoy the holidays, and then got back into it. At that point, it's not about cramming for the exam, it's about studying and preparing for the longterm,” Kaiser said, before signing off.

Shakira Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl Shakira (L) and Jennifer Lopez perform onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Kevin Winter/Getty Images