When we talk about sexy moves, the first thing that comes to our minds is: Shakira. The Colombian singer has made history by just turning any unusual and strange body movement into an extremely sexy dance step.

From her hit "Whenever Wherever," when she was still a little innocent, to her last video for the song "Chantaje" with Maluma, the singer has exposed a lot of dances that any woman would like to imitate.

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears hire famous choreographers to perform their routines while Shakira simply feels the music and expresses it with her body.

These are the 10 most polemical and sensual movements from the “Barranquillera” that conquered the world.

1- Shakira killed Rihanna when she showed her "Latina Twerking" moment on that wall. 

2- At her most recent music video, 'Chantaje', the Colombian singer shows how to really use your own clothes on your dance routines.

3- Everytime we see this chest movement we get to the conclussion that: "Nobody like Shakira..." Look at her sexiness in her "Hips Don't Lie" video.

4- Watch the "Loba" music video and enjoy the "Fretsaw dance"  invented by Shakira; gotta love it! 

5- Flex your hips with the one and only "Loca."

6- We don't understand why, but her shoulder went crazy in "Objection."

7- Nobody whips that hair like her. 

8- She's always been wondering about that curious leg. 

9- Do you remember those times when Shakira pretended to be from Africa but she still acted out so Pop?

10- The Iconic "Dragging Myself" is one of our favorites. 

Did we miss any move? Tell us which one is your favorite!!!