“Shaman King 2021” is ready for a big premiere this April, something that most anticipated as happening as early as June last year. Updates on the Japanese anime have been coming out one by one with all 35 manga volumes part of the upcoming anime.

This should be accountable for a new kind of offering with Kodansha having started publishing the in-print volumes since June of last year, Animenewsnetwork reported. However, equally important are the new characters appearing on “Shaman King 2021” and some of the voice actors' comments have come out.

Among the new cast voice actors for “Shaman King 2021” include Yuji Ueda and Megumi Nakajima. Ueda will play the part of “Holo Holo” while Nakajima takes on Kororo.

Holo Holo is a shaman who came to Tokyo for a Shaman Fight from Hokkaido. Korokoro, on the other hand, will be the partner of Holo Holo, Koropokuru. Some comments from both the latest new characters for “Shaman King 2021” were shared. Here are some of them.

“The connection that goes around, our journey never ends even if we die. No matter who you cut out, the story of love and affection is as infinite as Egui if you can find such a unique and huge thing” – Ueda.

“What is strength? They asked. What does it mean to really think for someone? They think that it is a work that conveys timelessly with humor and comfortable yuru. They are always encouraged by Ha-Kun’s words somehow.”- Nakajima.

The addition of the two characters appends a previous reveal of cast members back in December. Among those that were announced include Inuko Inuyama as “Manta Oyamada,” Romi Park as “Tao Ren,” Kousuke Takaguchi as “Bason,” Masahiko Tanaka as “Ryunosuke Umemiya” and Wataru Takagi as “Tokagerō.”

All except Kousuke Takaguchi are reprising their roles from the 2001 “Shaman King” anime.

For those who may have missed it, below is the first full promotional video for “Shaman King 2021.”

Shaman King poster
Shaman King poster Shaman King PR |Twitter

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