Sharkeisha Allegedly Arrested Over Fight Video: See Mugshot Here! Plus 5 Fast Facts About Ms. Sucker Punch

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It's the newest viral video everyone has been talking about. On Tuesday, Nov. 26, an Instagram video made headlines after it showcased a girl sucker-punching the other one in the face. According to social media, the girls in the video are allegedly named Sharkeisha and Shay. The first punched the latter in the face with a full forced slug, as another person recorded it. The video was originally posted on Instagram and garnered thousands of "likes" but ultimately had to be removed from the social media site, as The Terms of Use page states, "You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.

However, World Star Hip Hop got an extended version of it and posted in on their webpage, portraying Sharkeisha verbally attacking the other girl while she is held back by someone else. Sharkeisha kicks the girl, apparently in the face, after wailing on her for several seconds. She also kicks her in the chest and finally, bystanders intervene and pull Sharkeisha off Shay. New reports claim that the assailant has been arrested and supposed mugshots of the woman are swirling online. However, there are not many concrete details about her possible arrest. A number of Twitter users have uploaded photos of a woman who appears to resemble the one in the popular video, and who has a very similar name.

"Ya'll can rest easy knowing Sharkeisha is in custody," read the caption of the tweet with her alleged mugshot. The picture was also tagged with the name "Sharkiesha Tyeshia Thompson," but no one has confirmed if that is in fact, the woman in the video. The truth is, this girl is making headlines, and in an attempt to know more about her, and what drove her to commit such a violent act, we've found 5 fast facts about her. Here they are:

  • 1) The fight allegedly started over a boy.
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  • 2) Although unclear if she was arrested, there seems to be a record for a "Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson" of Charlotte, N.C. That Sharkeisha (we're still not sure if it's the same girl on the video) was allegedly arrested on one charge of "uttering a forged instrument" and subsequently released on $500 bond.
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  • 3) The name Sharkeisha comes because her dad's name is Shamar and her mom's name is Keisha.
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  • 4) "Sharkeisha" has her own entry on Urban Dictionary: ( Char kee shuh ) Verb. 1. To Punch The Soul From Another Being's Body. "She Sharkeisha 'd That H*e!"
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  • 5) She is enjoying her new found fame. According to her Twitter page, @LilButtSHAR, she is loving all the attention she's getting from all over the world. She's retweeting most messages about her, and replying to her followers, who are now more than 20,000.
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