Every day for the past week, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s fans have been treated with one PDA photo after another. Are they or aren’t they together? Some naturally asked. For some, however, not only is this a PR stunt, it is a tacky one at that.

The superstars collaborated on “Señorita” and looked hot together on the accompanying music video and fans believe the chemistry between the two is palpable. Now, recent pictures of them acting more than friends sparked rumors that the young singers have fallen in love with each other.

While Mendes and Cabello still have not confirmed anything, many are already ready to bank on the sweet pictures and videos of the two kissing, hugging, and holding each other’s hands that they are indeed, now a couple. The videos of them “caught” kissing and touching each other are making some fans go crazy with happiness. Most of these videos and pictures even became memes on love. 

Some, however, are not convinced and believe quite strongly that this is just a PR stunt, considering the timing of it all. Certain doubters took to social media to brand the relationship as a fake PR stunt that is “so tacky.” Some pointed to how the two never seemed to miss an opportunity to ham it out for the camera as the perfect evidence. 

According to rocket queen, “Which was the worst attempt at a fake relationship PR stunt to promote a collaboration? Zedd dating Selena Gomez or Shawn Mendes dating Camila Cabello?” Ally, on the other hand, had this to say, “this whole PR stunt is so tacky. They really are falling off.” 

Others even directly addressed Mendes, asking him to clarify the possibility of him and Cabello lying to their loyal and loving fans.

“I honestly don’t care who you date it’s your life, but the fandom is falling apart thinking you and Camilla are this big pr stunt tricking the fans. You should find a way to clear that up as well. Ly,” S Misses Sabrina wrote, addressing @ShawnMendes.

Regardless of these skeptics, many still hold on to the idea that the señorita that Mendes is crooning about is Cabello and the “friend” whose body Cabello tasted (based on the lyrics) is Mendes. 

One more evidence of them possibly being together does not even involve lips or hands. Recently, Mendes performed in Miami on Sunday and lo and behold, Cabello tagged along. Her parents and sister were even with her to enjoy this concert. One eyewitness claimed that Cabello was really having fun and letting loose during her alleged boyfriend’s set. 

Still, fans should just wait for the official confirmation to happen. But for now, they can let Mendes and Cabello's actions speak volumes. 

Camila Cabello, L'oreal Paris Spokesmodel Camila Cabello, L'oreal Paris Spokesmodel Photo: Getty Images