After earning $155.5 million worldwide on its opening weekend, David Sandberg’s “Shazam!” proved to be one of DC’s biggest successes this year. While the film is still showing in theaters, producer Peter Safran has already confirmed that a follow-up film is already in the works, with “Shazam!” screenwriter Henry Gayden returning to pen the sequel.

With the first film wrapping up with a cliffhanger mid-credit sequence, it is no surprise that “Shazam!” is getting a follow-up film. Here are three possible plot points that “Shazam! 2” cannot pass up.

Mister Mind

Mister Mind may be small, but he is one of the most menacing beings in the DC Universe. A telepath and master of manipulation, the evil worm appeared in the mid-credit scene of “Shazam!” and hinted at his dark plot to take control of the Seven Realms of Magic.

“Shazam’s!” mid-credit scene showed Mister Mind’s attempt to recruit the first film’s major villain, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, for something that will likely become the cinematic version of Mister Mind’s “Monster Society Of Evil.” In the comics, this super villain team includes Sivana, Archibald, Dummy, Captain Nazi, Ibac, Crocodile Men and many others. Considering the introduction of Mister Mind in the first film, it is highly likely for the sequel to have the Monster Society of Evil as the central threat.

Black Adam

In “Shazam!” the Wizard alluded to Black Adam when he told Billy about an “ancient champion” who once had the power of Shazam but became corrupted. In the DC Universe, Black Adam is one of the darkest supervillains and is the ruler of his own country.

Although it was reported earlier this week that Dwayne Johnson is set to star in his own “Black Adam” stand-alone movie, it is possible for the character to appear in the sequel as one of the members of the Monster Society of Evil and one of the potential teammates to help flesh out Mister Mind’s dark plans.

Tawky Tawny

“Shazam!” alluded to this character when Billy Batson won a stuffed tiger at a carnival. In the comics, Tawky Tawny is the anthropomorphic tiger that wants to live among the humans and is one of the oldest allies of the Shazam family. If the Shazam family is going to face off against the Monster Society of Evil in the sequel, then it would definitely help if Tawky Tawny would be there to help them out.

'Shazam!' Actor Zachary Levi arrives for the world premiere of 'Shazam!' at the TCL Chinese theatre on March 28, 2019, in Hollywood. VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images