Motorist Jailed for 3 Months Over Coffee Road Rage Incident Pexel/ Pixabay

A teenage biker was struck down by a rampaging motorist Friday in Surrey. Police responded to the scene after the driver of a Land Rover left a trail of destruction in the quiet town of Godalming.

According to police officers, video footage captured the blue Land Rover ramming into a stationary BMW before the driver pulled out of the nearby junction then continued to drive off onto the main road.

The rogue vehicle then horrifyingly hit an unsuspecting teenager onboard his motorbike causing him to get flung into the air and then come crashing down onto the ground. The boy lay motionless on the pavement as the Land Rover casually reversed and drove off.

Bystanders rushed to help the young lad while the suspected shirtless driver continued his rampage and was seen trying to haul his battered vehicle a few yards down the road then colliding onto the side of a Vauxhall Vivaro van.

In the footage, the driver climbs out of his vehicle and tells the crowd, “My steering lock’s broke,” then proceeds to collect some items from the trunk.

Stunned witnesses could be heard screaming at the driver while others kept shouting “call the police” during the entire incident. However, no emergency services arrived by the time the driver had crashed the BMW.

An off-duty nurse who happened to be at the pub during the entire incident, came to the aid of the injured teenage motorcyclist until paramedics arrived and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The boy’s family shared an update on a local Facebook page to inform the public that he suffered only minor injuries and had been released from the hospital.

Locals who witnessed the vehicle carnage said the incident had stemmed from an earlier dispute that erupted at The Leather Bottle pub. A local man was reportedly refused service at the pub having been blacklisted on the area’s PubWatch program, The Sun reported.

The 90-second video footage led Surrey Police officers to identify and locate the driver behind the wheel of the Land Rover, which was a local 17-year-old resident. A second man also from Godalming was apprehended by authorities. Both were arrested but were released on bail pending ongoing investigations and enquiries.

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