The coronavirus is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China and it was in January when people outside of this nation started getting sick and being tested positive for the novel infection. The disease was found to be highly contagious that getting in close contact or touching infected objects is enough for a person to contract the deadly virus.

Because many people from around the world spent time in China for vacations, business meetings and other gatherings around the time when the virus was discovered, foreigners who went home or Chinese people themselves who travel to another country ended up bringing the virus with them and eventually infected others without knowing. Many countries also underestimated the spread of the coronavirus, as a result, it quickly spread worldwide. As each country confirmed their first cases, the numbers just keep increasing until most of the regions have declared thousands of coronavirus positive patients.

Now, as first-world countries like Italy and the United States recorded the highest number of cases and deaths, China is claiming that it has won the battle against COVID-19 and on its way to complete healing. The Chinese nation also reported that the number of infected people has been declining everyday and eventually, they reached the level when everything is under control again after stopping the spread of the infection.

Based on the reports, China was able to contain the virus by assigning cops to go door to door in Wuhan to check the residents’ health. They also build makeshift hospitals and quarantine shelters to isolate those who have infections or suspected to have been infected.

Security personnel were deployed to apartment buildings to check the residents’ temperatures and decide if people can come in or not. In the streets, there are drones to see if the people are staying at home and those who are caught not wearing a face mask are also scolded. Even delivered food and medicines were strictly inspected to be sure they were not contaminated.

“We couldn’t go outside under any circumstances. Not even if you have a pet,” USA Today quoted 27-year-old Wang Jingjun as saying after returning to Wuhan from Guangdong in January. “Those with dogs had to play with them inside and teach them to use the bathroom in a certain spot.”

Beijing also ordered the closure of schools, workplaces, establishments and other public places, forcing millions of people to stay at home. Medical staff were sent to Wuhan and the Hubei province so they can test and trace the citizens who have been exposed to the virus.

Now, as the number of patients is growing in the U.S., the question is - can the Americans copy what they did to stop the coronavirus? In the opinion of the experts, the answer is “no” because the two countries have different systems. Plus, political will and cultural inclinations were also cited as reasons as to why the U.S. can’t do what China did to top COVID-19.

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