Manufacturers have been offering gamers a host of specially designed hardware such as gaming motherboards, keyboards, and monitors. But some gamers are a bit reluctant to buy one hardware in particular. Is it really necessary to invest in a gaming router?

Prioritizes Consoles and Gaming Rigs

One of the rage-inducing problems that gamers face is a laggy connection. Due to a high lag and inconsistent ping, players will often lose because they can’t react in time. This is especially problematic in boss fights and online multiplayer games where reaction time is very important.

This situation is unavoidable especially in households where people are trying to simultaneously access the net whether for 4K video streaming, file downloads or just plain browsing. With such high demand, the internet service can hardly keep up resulting in laggy games.

This is one of the reasons why investing in a gaming router is a must for serious players. A regular router can’t really distinguish what type of traffic it receives but a gaming router will. It prioritizes gaming traffic it receives while bundling the rest into a separate stream, according to

Faster Reaction Time

Some strategy games like “Civilization 6” doesn’t really require lightning-fast reaction speed from one’s hardware. But for multiplayer first-person shooters like the “CS: GO,” fast reaction time is a must if one wants to survive.

That’s why investing in a gaming router is probably one of the smartest moves a gamer could make. Aside from prioritizing gaming data, the router is optimized so it can load information faster, according to IGN. This means that those minute lags that can get one’s character killed won’t be happening anymore.

Enjoy Games With Your Friends

Gaming routers come with the latest WiFi standards such as WiFi 6. This means that the device is capable of simultaneously catering to more devices while transmitting data simultaneously.

With the latest WiFi standard in place, gamers can connect more devices at faster internet speeds. The entire gang could come over and playing a round of PUBG, Mobile Legends or League of Legends or two with the entire team would no longer be an issue.

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