On May 2, 2018, 56-year-old David Clark was on a train from Lancaster to Barrow in the United Kingdom. He was killed after 34-year-old David Noble and 24-year-old Nicole Cavin put a piece of meat in his mouth. During a two-week trial at Preston’s Nightingale Court, the duo was found guilty of manslaughter. They await their sentencing.

On the day of the incident, the siblings had gone to Blackpool together for a day trip. At Preston, they changed the train to go back home to Grange. The drunk siblings had bought more alcohol and some kebabs to have.

Clark and his friend Jon Waite had been in Lancaster. The duo was there to spectate the Lancaster Football Club and Farsley Celtic match, The Mail reported. After the match was over the two men were heading back home. The two men had consumed 15 pints of alcohol each.

The two drunk parties met on the train. The two groups were already acquainted so they decided to sit together on the train. During the journey, the group had a “food fight” with the kebabs bought by the siblings. After some time, the older man fell asleep on the train. The siblings took the opportunity to prank the sleeping man.

They started stuffing the chicken kebab into his mouth. When the train was near Silverdale station the victim involuntarily started to throw up. He awoke and got out of the seat before collapsing in the aisle. Cavin, who used to work as a caregiver at the time of the incident, tried to clear the meat from the man’s mouth, The Daily Star reported.

Emergency services were alerted. Paramedics removed more of the meat from the man’s throat before taking him to a hospital.    The day after the incident, Clark passed away at the hospital.

The siblings were charged with causing Clark’s death. They denied the charge but were found guilty by a jury. The trial took place over two weeks. Detective chief inspector Steve May said that the case was “unusual and highly complex”.

While the accused are out on bail, they will have to return to court for their sentencing. The date of the sentencing is yet to be decided.

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