A man who sexually attacked a 14-year-old girl and filmed the act could be behind bars for a longer period as prosecutors feel that four-year jail time is "inadequate."

Aran Spottiswood was sentenced to jail for up to four years regarding his actions with the minor girl, on multiple occasions in March 2019. He must serve at least two years of the jail sentence.

But Victorian prosecutors have approached the Court of Appeal. They labelled the sentence as inadequate, reported Daily Mail.

The accused pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual penetration of a child under 16, one of sexual assault of a child under 16, and of using the girl to create child abuse material.

He also confessed to having over 1800 photos and 122 videos. They were later found by police on his computer.

Spottiswood first met the girl on MyLOL, a dating app for teenagers. He told her he was 24 years old. She replied saying that she was only 14 and was not interested in him.

They later virtually met on Snapchat and he told her he was 19. The girl agreed to meet him and he drove her to a different location where they had sex.

They met again on multiple occasions in the next two weeks. But police noticed the two in a car in late March and intervened. Following this, Spottiswood was arrested. He filmed the act on a GoPro camera.

The girl said that she felt like she would be blamed for the incident. "The judgmental look on people's faces broke my heart," she said. "For a long time I felt as if it was my fault that it happened, since I was the one who did not understand the dangers associated with social media and the predators out there in the real world."

Prosecutor Brendan Kissane QC said that Spottiswood's offending was predatory and he had been found to be a moderate to high risk of re-offending after he is set free from jail. The appeal judges said that the sentence given to Spottiswood might be considered "very lenient" but added that his punishment also included losing his accounting career.

Spottiswood's barrister Dermot Dann said that his actions were found to be predatory, manipulative and degrading and they had conceded all the things that made his offending serious.

A decision will be made at a later date, reported Daily Star.

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