Sin Bandera Farewell Album: Noel Schajris Talks 'Una Ultima Vez' Concert [INTERVIEW]

Sin Bandera
Leonel García and Noel Schajris bid farewell to the public with a final album that compresses the whole heart and soul of Sin Bandera. Photo: MV Talent / SONY Music

When in the 90s the music scene was immersed in spectacular productions, amazing choreographies and extravagant costumes, two authentic musicians, with privileged voices and delicate interpretations bet on one thing: their music.

Leonel Garcia and Noel Schajris managed to transcend through time like one of the most successful and beloved duos. Sin Bandera managed to mark a milestone in the history of music in Spanish. Recording the rules of Latin pop, Garcia and Schajris used elements that made them role models for the new composers.

Although the romantic ballad duo split in 2008, paradoxically breaking the hearts of millions of fans, in 2016 a surprise spread through social networks: Sin Bandera opened its fan page on Facebook and in less than an hour saturated the platform, surpassing the 3 million followers.
The news spread like dust, and to the happiness of many, the wonderful musical journey would resume for one last time. “Una última vez,” a blunt title, it wasn't a return, but a way to close a cycle. Sin Bandera reappears for the "Encore," and offers their fans a final goodbye playing their favorite songs. With a melancholic name the duo introduces their farewell album: “Primera Fila Acústico. Una última vez. Encore.”

In an exclusive interview for Latin Times, Noel Schajris tells what this musical material means to them. "This is one of the most beautiful stages of Sin Bandera, a huge pleasure after so many years," says Schajris. "With a very beautiful maturity and many learnings of all the years that we had as soloists too."

The disc that contains 12 songs, also came accompanied by a musical tour of 40 dates. "The United States tour is the most extensive we've had in the entire history of Sin Bandera," he says. Among those dates, on July 7, a concert will be held at the iconic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. "All the concerts are a celebration," says the Argentine singer. "We are celebrating a lot of music that has transcended the decades and generations."

Schajris also highlights the reaction of the public with the return of Sin Bandera, cataloging it as "spectacular." During the concerts you can enjoy the greatest hits of the endearing duet, all with new arrangements and in an intimate and incomparable atmosphere, which shows the enormous lyrical and vocal versatility, as well as the indisputable talent and powerful emotion that have characterized the group throughout their successful professional career.

Finally Noel invites everyone to be part of “Primera Fila Acústico. Una última vez. Encore.” The album is now available in physical and digital format. Listen below the single “¿QUÉ PASARÍA?”

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