'Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso' Telenovela Cast: Meet The Characters In Season 2 Of Telemundo Soap

'Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso' Telemundo Telenovela
New characters will come to life in the new season of "Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso" Telemundo

A new season of "Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso" is upon us and we have the details of the main cast members. As you know, Carmen Villalobos is set to return to the series as the original Catalina Santana, a character that initiated "Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso" franchise. She is returning after many years and will make things right. Find out what other characters will appear during the second season of the reboot with their character descriptions down below and tell us who you are most excited to seeing. "Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso" returns on 

Carolina Gaitan is Catalina Marín Santana: She is a pure girl, a virgin. Catalina is overprotected by her parents, who have her in a crystal ball, preventing anyone from touching or looking at her. She lived her entire childhood and adolescence locked up, delimited by a yellow line on her house’s doorstep, because her parents feared Catalina could learn about her sister’s past and the great secret they keep from her. She grew up with all the love in the world. She falls in love with the delivery boy, Hernan Dario, who also falls in love her. But one day, out of jealousy and envy due to Catalina’s beauty and the love of Hernan Dario, her enemy will make Catalina lose all the values and innocence instilled in her at home, and seed hatred and a thirst for revenge against all those people that made Catalina’s sister kill herself.

Juan Pablo Urrego is Hernán Darío Bayona: He is a hardworking young man, looking to take care of his mother. He is a good son, but above all, very righteous and loyal. The same person that will ruin his life is the same one that killed his father and brother, as he learned from his mother; and this will make him hate Yesica, and now Daniela. But out of envy, Daniela can’t stand Hernan Dario being in love with Catalina, and finds a way to force him to become bad, heartless and vindictive. He ends up being hired as a hit man, thus losing all his innocence and the good example set by his mother, who dies struggling to save herself and her son. Hernan Dario is left alone, with such a pain that he decides –now without obstacles- to get revenge on those who ruined his life.

Catherine Siachoque is Hilda Santana: She is Catalina’s mother. Ever since she knew she was pregnant with a girl, she did everything possible to keep her daughter inside the house, isolated from the outside world. She is completely devoted to her daughter and her husband. She has suffered two great losses in her life, which have made her live in constant fear, alert and distrust: the death of her two other children, “older” Catalina and Bayron. So she decides not to make the same mistakes with her new daughter. But she doesn’t realize that all extremes are bad, so when she least expects it, Catalina will be out of her hands. Hilda lives in a constant internal conflict because her daughter doesn’t know that Hilda’s husband, Albeiro, used to date her late daughter, “older” Catalina.

Fabian Rios is Albeiro Marín: Albeiro is Catalina’s father. He works hard to support his family. He is a humble man, loving with his wife, and especially his only daughter, whom he guards more than his own life. He tries to control his wife in how they guard their daughter, precisely because of the secret they keep from her, the fact that he used to date Hilda’s late daughter, Catalina’s sister. They try to shield their daughter’s life from the comments of everyone in the neighborhood, because he is 15 years younger than his wife, and he doesn’t want those comments to affect Catalina. He is a good but undetermined man. But the determination that he lacks will be developed throughout the story, thanks to all the damage that Diabla has caused to his family, and he will confront her as long as she lets them live in peace.

Majida Issa is Yésica Beltrán "La Diabla" She is a bad, frivolous, calculating and dominant woman. But above all, she is a woman filled with hatred. She will destroy anyone just for looking at her in an unpleasant way. She deeply hates the Marin family. Yesica envied “older” Catalina, and she couldn’t tolerate the fact that Catalina was more beautiful, sweet and pure than she was, so Diabla did everything possible to destroy her, and she succeeded. But now that she is a high class lady, she is afraid of people finding out about her past. She also envies “younger” Catalina, for the same reasons she envies her older sister, and she will abuse her power as the mayor’s wife to try to destroy Doña Hilda’s family, since they are the ones who have the most knowledge about Yesica’s past. She is never able to destroy them because they always recover from her attacks. But she will be increasingly insistent and will never give up. She will run into enemies that will end up destroying her and the house of cards she built. She controls everything, including her husband, but her daughter controls her.

Johanna Fadul is Daniela Barrera Beltrán: She is a capricious girl, accustomed to have everything done her way. She has everything. She has seen the evil and hatred in her mom’s eyes, and she has inherited it. Daniela can’t stand Catalina being more beautiful than she is and Hernan Dario being in love with her. She is very vain. During an unexpected encounter with her father, Marcial, she learns her mother’s past and she is shocked to discover that half of her inheritance belongs to Catalina’s parents. Daniela can’t allow her enemy to have money because it would mean she is doomed. Her mission is to never allow them to get that inheritance. Daniela asks her mother to destroy that family they both hate, which they try many times. But deep inside, she is not bad, and perhaps she is just the result of her mother’s influence and example. Daniela is definitely a girl with many voids in her life, and she will always envy Catalina.

Cesar Mora is Marcial Barrera: He is an old school drug trafficker, one of the few strong ones who survived and retired to enjoy his money and his wife at the time, “older” Catalina, whom he truly loved. Marcial gave everything for her, satisfying all her whims. This made Yesica jealous, seeing that Catalina had everything and she didn’t. So Yesica played dirty and made up a story of infidelity to make Marcial leave Catalina. And as soon as it happened, Yesica conquered Marcial and even gave him a child, with the purpose of keeping his money. When she saw Marcial weakened, Yesica gave him away to the TEA, sending him to prison for many years. He is now free and his purpose is to deliver Yesica to the TEA. His greatest challenge is to recover the love of his daughter, Daniela, especially after telling her that he is going to destroy her mother and returning part of her inheritance that belongs to the parents of “older” Catalina, since she was once his wife. Marcial is a fair man, with a thirst for revenge for what Yesica did to him, and who wants to help those who are good, and destroy those who are bad.

Dagoberto Gama is Gato Gordo: He is a new era drug trafficker, and like the rest of them, his greatest weakness is women, but the only one who really drives him crazy is Catalina, and he will do anything to get her. He used to work for Yesica, trafficking drugs, but after realizing the business potential, he decided to go on his own, and has since become target of Yesica. Gato knows he has to be well armed and protected because Yesica wants to kill him. His ally is Martina, the new neighborhood pimp, and the one who leads him to Catalina. In the past, he worked for Marcial, and then for Yesica, until he betrayed her. Unknowingly, Chucky, Marcial’s right hand, is selling drugs to Gato, with the strategy of competing with Yesica and weakening her business.

Jennifer Arenas is Valentina: She is Ximena’s daughter and Catalina’s loyal friend. Valentina is well behaved, with a different mentality, and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes her mother has made. She is an independent girl who is alone at night, while her mother works, and alone during the day, when her mother sleeps. Her goal is to finish school and fall in love with a good young man. But she ends up falling in love with one of Diabla’s hit men, Pipe Cortadas, who happens to be a good man, but he was forced to do this job, just like Hernan Dario. Valentina is loyal to Catalina and helps her with her vengeance against Yesica and Daniela, even though she does not agree. She is always trying to help Catalina keep her feet on the ground, but it is an almost impossible task, due to Catalina’s determination. Valentina’s greatest pain is to have a mother who is unwilling or unable to get a decent job.

Francisco Bolivar is José Luis "Jota": He is Albeiro’s unconditional friend. Jota is a humble, noble, lonely, hardworking and helpful man. He is beloved in his neighborhood because he is always willing to help. He helps the Marin family rebuild their house and Yesica orders to have him killed, but he survives, thanks to Marcial who rescues and helps him recover. Jota is a man with no malice or hate in his heart, even though he has been hurt many times. His greatest conflict is being in love with Vanessa, “older” Catalina’s old friend, but he knows the burden, and even though he wants to help her get a different kind of job and steer away from prostitution, she is upset that he interferes with that. Jota is very persistent in his effort to win her heart and change her way of life and he suffers being in love and not being able to help her do that.

Juan Pablo Llano is Daniel Cerón: He is a journalist who loves his profession and follows through from beginning to end to make sure he does his job. Daniel is an honest man who feels the pain and guilt of the death of his friend (Catalina’s doctor), who was killed by Yesica’s men while trying to help him. He is seeking to get to the bottom of what is happening, but loses everything: his job, his mother and his wife, who suffered tremendously after Daniel got her involved in his investigations. Circumstances make him hate Diabla and he becomes Marcial’s ally to take revenge on Yesica, especially after finding out that she kidnapped Lucia, his girlfriend. He does everything seeking to recover his family and, above all, his reputation, which was destroyed by crooked cops who work for Yesica; they set him up to destroy his image and get him out of their way. He selflessly helps the Marin family, knows Yesica’s power and reach, and always seeks to help resolve every situation and to do justice.

Joselyn Gallardo is Martina: She is a pimp, and a friend of Catalina, Valentina and Adriana, but she has second intentions. Martina worships Diabla, who teaches her all the secrets about pimping. She is Paola’s daughter, who also works for Diabla. She currently lives with her grandmother. She wears extravagant clothes; she likes to show skin, wears pointed heel boots, and is sexy and flirtatious. Martina is not the prettiest, but she is graceful.

Carolina Sepúlveda is Ximena: She is a cabaret prostitute. Ximena is Valentina’s mother, Vanessa’s friend, and in the past, she was also friends with Paola. She is physically worn out after working as a prostitute for 15 years.

Estefanía Gómez is Vanessa: Vanessa is Adriana’s mother, Ximena’s friend and used to be a friend of Paola. She currently works as a prostitute in a cabaret.

Alejandra Pinzón is Paola: She works for Diabla as a mule. She has been in jail and away from her daughter, Martina, so Paola entrusted Doña Norma, her mother, to raise Martina. A German man (Martina’s father) rescued Paola from a brothel and took her to live with him, but months later abandoned her, mainly because of a language barrier.

Luigi Aicardi is Anibal Manrique: He is the city’s corrupt Mayor. Anibal lives under the rule of Yesica, his wife and his great secret is that he achieved his current position thanks to her. He had neither the money nor the recognition to get there, but Yesica worked all her influences to her advantage, helping Anibal gain power, thus empowering her. Due to Yesica killing anyone who crosses her, Anibal is constantly under the scope of authorities, as they have discovered many of her crimes. Anibal has to preserve his image and it has been a tough job. He also hides his harassment toward Daniel, Yesica’s daughter, and knows that if Diabla finds out, she will kill him. Anibal is a man without character, judgment or ideas. He is a simple bigmouth.

Carmen Villalobos is Catalina Santana "La Grande": While everyone believes her dead, Catalina survives the attack she ordered against herself. She recovers miraculously, thanks to the care and dedication of Santiago, the doctor in charge of her. The TEA becomes interested in her case, because Catalina can serve as a witness to prosecute the Cartels of Moron, Cardona, Titi and even Marcial Barrera, all of them imprisoned in the United States. A romance arises between Catalina and Santiago, and she eventually begins a new life with him in Miami, leaving her past behind, starting her own family, changing her identity and working with the TEA to capture who was once her best friend and now mortal enemy, Yesica.

Roberto Manrique is Santiago: Santiago is a doctor with class, well spoken, kind and manly. Santiago has been married twice. The first time he married a colleague named Zoraya with whom he had no children. His marriage with Catalina is his second one. He is an affectionate and sympathetic father with his children, Sebastian and Mariana. In his relationship with his wife, Catalina, he is noble but distrustful about her past. He senses that she might have not entirely forgotten Albeiro and that mortifies him. During Catalina’s emotional conflict, when she reunites with Albeiro, Santiago will preserve a position of dignity and rebellion.

Estefania Duque is Mariana: She is Catalina and Santiago’s daughter. Mariana is the incarnation of older Catalina. She is lazy, doesn’t like school, she spends all of her time on social media. With her daughter, Catalina will begin to live the karma of having made her mother suffer. That’s because Mariana, despite being born and raised in the United States, has a liberal mindset, an independent way of being that will cause her parents many headaches. History will repeat itself when Mariana tells her parents that she wants to get a breast augmentation. To make matters worse, Mariana will fall madly in love with Hernan Dario, to the point of shaking his relationship with younger Catalina when she goes to participate in the beauty pageant. When a sensual photo of Mariana becomes viral on social media, older Catalina will discover that, while she was trying to save the world for her children to live in peace, her world was falling apart.

Esteban Diaz is Sebastian: He is the son of older Catalina and Santiago. Sebastian is the opposite of Mariana. He is a serious boy, intellectual, reflective, analytical; that is, precocious for his age. He often clashes with Mariana because of her personality. Sebastian will be of great support for Santiago when divorce becomes a possibility in his parents’ lives.

Eileen Roca is Zoraya: Zoraya is Santiago’s ex-wife. She is a compulsive, gossipy and problematic woman. She disappears and reappears, taking advantage of Santiago’s despair due to Catalina’s indecision. To Santiago’s surprise, 20 years after being separated, Zoraya has not rebuilt her life and she even keeps some of Santiago’s belongings in her closet because she has never lost hope that he would return. This makes her a potentially schizophrenic woman who promises to become a serious obstacle for Catalina’s relationship with Santiago when they come to live in Colombia.

Juan Alfonso Baptista is Martin: He is a handsome man with the look of an executive; he is serious, squared. He is yet another man who is in love with Catalina. Even though he doesn’t win her love back, he manages to seed in her a sense of fidelity and eternal admiration that, at one point, could make Catalina think of taking refuge in him, when Santiago asks to divorce her. He ends up becoming the head of the TEA and will come to Colombia to support Catalina in her efforts during her infiltration to the cartels of Gato Gordo and Titi.

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