The first “G. I. Joe” spin-off film “Snake Eyes” is proceeding as scheduled. Robert Schwentke has been chosen as the director and the script will be written by Evan Spiliotopoulos, who is known for working on the scripts of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

The casting process is currently ongoing, and the producers appear close to selecting the lead role for the film. Henry Golding is negotiating with the studio executives to play Snake Eyes in the spin-off film, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Golding is best known for starring in “Crazy Rich Asians.” He will be seen in the upcoming film “Last Christmas.”

In the “G.I. Joe” films, the role of Snake Eyes was played by Ray Park. The actor also played the Sith Lord Darth Maul in “Star Wars: Episode I.”

Snake Eyes is a ninja commando who fights with the elite American forces to take on Cobra, a terrorist organization that wants to rule the world. In the cartoons, the character was often seen with his pet wolf Timber.

In both the cartoons and the “G.I. Joe” films, Snake Eyes wore a full-body suit that also covered his face, and he never spoke. It remains to be seen if the upcoming solo film of the character will change that. The character's arch-nemesis is a ninja known as Storm Shadow, who works for Cobra.

Paramount and Hasbro are looking for a fresh take on the character and they are currently depending on the writers to come up with a “new spin on the series,” Variety reported. The details about the plot and the storyline are currently being kept under wraps. More details will be revealed in the coming months when the production begins.

“Snake Eyes” is set to be released on Oct. 16, 2020. It remains to be seen which of the characters from “G.I. Joe” will appear in the film.

Snake Eyes Casting for "Snake Eyes" movie has begun. G.I. Joe/Facebook