Filming of “The Boys” Season 2 has already started and the show creators have teased that this is going to be bigger. New characters will be added on the show, and they appear to have gotten a bigger budget too.

In a recent interview with Collider, executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg revealed that that have “more resources” this time around for the hit superhero TV series. The additional resources means that the show will not only increase the scope of the production, but also adding more characters.

Sharing an update about how much of the production has been done, the producers said that they already watched the first episode of Season 2. Since the production may have started only recently, it is not clear if they watched a rough cut of the premiere episode. Still, they said that it was a “wonderful thing as producers” to watch it.

How was the premiere episode of “The Boys” Season 2? According to the producers, it was “way better” than what they had hoped it would be.

Goldberg specifically said that the fans will be able to notice the difference in Season 2 immediately. “ just looks a bit better, feels bigger, the actors all know what they’re doing,” the producer said.

With one season under their belt, the actors are apparently more confident of the show. After seeing the episodes they now know exactly what the show stands for and what is expected of them. The TV series has become a big hit, and it is one of the most-watched shows on Amazon.

In another interview with Collider earlier this year, the cast and the producers confirmed that they were already deep into filming the second season. They also confirmed that there will be eight episodes in “The Boys” Season 2. The team expects to premiere the TV series around this time next year.

The Boys Filming of "The Boys" Season 2 has wrapped. The Boys/Facebook