Snakes are something that most would fear and the initial thing that comes to mind is to stay away from them. However, most know how these reptiles find a way to sneak creepily and one somehow managed to end up in a woman’s ear.

Further, all this was shown in a viral video from a social media star named Chandan Singh that was posted last Sept. 1. It could be seen how a surgeon was having a hard time extracting the snake from the woman’s ear.

The attending doctor had to do a herpetological surgery on the woman, a video that has so far racked up 125,000 views. The clip ran for nearly four minutes with the alleged doctor using tweezers in a desperate attempt to extract a black and yellow serpent that’s peeking its head out from a female patient’s ear.

It remains unclear how the snake managed to get into the woman’s ear. The clip ended with no indication of whether the medical procedure was successful or not.

Given these facts, people on social media gave their respective opinions with some believing the whole thing was fake.

“He looks like a bogus doctor,” one commented on the Facebook post. “That’s why he’s pulling off so many tricks.”

Given the size of the snake, most are left befuddled at how the reptile ended up in the woman’s ear. This was one of the reasons why most thought it was fake.

Also in the clip, the fact that the snake crawled in the ear and was being pulled out head-first also raises doubt on the authenticity of the video. This would mean that it crawled in her ear and then turned around in such a confined space.

Regardless, it would not be the first time that a pest would infiltrate a person’s ear. There was a case of a man from New Zealand ending up with a cockroach in his ear, something that stayed there for three days.

There was also the case of a tourist from Puerto Rico who ended up with a crab in her ear.

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