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A man was reportedly chased and stabbed about 62 times in public, in front of horrified onlookers, after sharing drinks and cocaine with his attacker at a party. This is a representational image. Shutterstock/Kzenon

Several Mexican publications and News shows began talking about the now famous “El Reto del Pasesito” just last month. Sources described the horrendous challenge as something upper-class Mexican teens were doing nowadays.

Following the “Ice Bucket Challenge” format, the “teenage” girls would ask a friend to record them as they made the following announcement: “Friends, I am taking on the ‘Pasesito’ challenge…I would like to nominate [names of friends].” After the speech, they would snort cocaine and say goodbye to the camera.

One of the girls featured in the videos is Ber, a 30-year-old woman who agreed to tell her side of the story to, “I recorded that video more than a year ago, it was a bad joke we came up with in my friends’ Whatsapp group and that has been taken completely out of context,” she confessed during an exclusive interview with the publication’s editor, Alejandro Mendoza.

Ber mentioned she was shocked when she realized how rapidly her video was being shared by several YouTube channels and other websites, she also acknowledged that her video gave the media reasons to report a story but they should’ve done some research before posting something that was just an assumption, “I understand that everything was there for them to say that, and any one can have that kind of judgment, just not a journalist. The media crossed the line and they assumed stuff, it is irresponsible to inform that way.”

“Primero Noticias” supposedly aired an interview with Betty, the other girl featured in the videos and Ber’s childhood friend, “A friend of mine called me that day saying that he saw me in Loret de Mola’s show. I was traveling and had just gotten back on the day the show aired. I knew immediately that this was going to go viral,” Betty told VICE.

Ber agrees that is was stupid of them to record these videos and that it wasn’t even their idea, “We didn’t come up with it, we watched a video of a dude doing something called ‘El reto del pasesito,’ and we thought it was funny and stupid, and we just replicated the joke with 15 or so friends, they are all very close to me, I know them for over 20 years.”

Ber assured VICE that no one from the media ever tried to contact her and she decided to speak out because her “reputation is going down the drain over something stupid, a joke between friends that was taken out of context.”

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