Sofía Vergara
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MIAMI - Latina superstar Sofia Vergara surprised her followers by posting a photo on her Instagram account where she appears without any clothes. The image, which instantly generated thousands of likes and comments, shows the 51-year-old Colombian actress lying on a bed of coffee completely naked.

"Soon you'll be saying Dios Mio too!," Vergara wrote in the caption, generating great expectation among her fans tagging the account @diosmiocoffee.

With this daring post, the Modern Family actress and American Got Talent judge unveiled her new business venture: a line of coffee called Díos Mio! Coffee. The brand's name is a reference to the expression "Dios Mío!" (OMG!) which, according to Vergara, is "common among Latinos to express admiration for a perfect flavor or aroma."

Dios Mío Coffee

"Creating Dios Mío! came out of a personal need," Vergara said in an exclusive interview with People, "I have a very high standard when it comes to my coffee, and I was having a hard time finding quality coffee in L.A."

To ensure the quality of her product, Vergara partnered with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. The Díos Mio! line offers three blends—Dulce, Equilibrio, and Fortaleza—each made with Colombian beans and "designed to honor the qualities and characteristics of Colombian women," according to the actress.

She described her blend as "sweetness, which is the light roast and is inspired by a grandmother's hug. That makes for a smooth, fruity cup and a hint of acidity."

"It is exciting to highlight Colombian coffee growers who work tirelessly and meticulously," Vergara said. "Drinking and enjoying coffee has been a tradition in our daily lives for a long time, and I love that we can finally share Dios Mío!"

The three blends of Dios Mio! Coffee are available in whole bean and ground, as well as in K-Cups and Nespresso capsules.

Sofía Vergara has removed her clothes before

This is not the first time the Colombian star has posed naked. To celebrate her 45th birthday, Vergara appeared como Dios la trajo al mundo for the first global cover of Women's Health. It also coincided with the launch of another of her many brands: Cheeky, a line of underwear.

Vergara also has a line of coffee makers, tying in with her new coffee, and clothing and home goods products, also sold on Walmart. Last week, she announced another business venture: Empanadas.

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