Latin actors Katherine Castro ("Reinbou") and Chris Santos ("The Girlfriend Experience") has joined award-winning British writer-director, J.S. Mayank ("Emit") in the romantic-drama movie "Someday", set to start filming next month in Los Angeles, California. 

Katherine is a Dominican actress slowly stepping into Hollywood having great presence in Latin American movies very noticeable in the United States like "The Social Contract" and "El Gallo." Chris is a New Yorker living in L.A. and preparing himself for a bright future in cinema having already worked with notable personalities like Betty White.

"Someday" follows two strangers, Melody and Adam, who meet on a 14-hr flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. Adam, (Santos), is a world-famous composer but Melody, (Castro), doesn't recognize her flight companion seated next to her. Along the way, they pour their hearts out - a connection made, that is more beautiful, precisely because of its simple, fleeting nature.

"I feel very blessed to work with J.S. Mayank since I think his work is very clean and this movie will really touch hearts through this particular story," Katherine confessed. 

The project is being cast by Jeremy Gordon ("We’re the Millers"), and produced by Alisa Evdokimov ("Germany’s Next Top Model") and Jesse Morrison ("Supernumerary"). 

Among J.S. Mayank’s projects you can find intense thriller "Supernumerary" and "Clouded."