Hector "Machito" Camacho Olivo, the son of the late boxing legend Hector "Macho" Camacho has been arrested on charges of domestic abuse filed by his wife. Camacho Olivo will go before a judge on Jan 9, 2014 to answer to the claim made by his wife saying he bit her back and pulled her hair while they were having an argument one night. "There was a struggle between us," Camacho Olivo's wife said to noticias.univision.com. "He bit my shoulder [and] pulled [my] hair back."

Univision reports that while listening to his wife describe her alleged attack Camacho Olivo was surprised by what she was saying. Camacho Olivo's wife gave her statement after a long series of questioning by the prosecutor Iris Melendez. The boxer's wife was at first just looking for a restraining order and did not want the authorities to pursue a criminal case against her husband. "I have no interest [in a trial]," she told Univision. "From the beginning [I said] I have no interest."

Camacho Olivo's wife, who was not named in the Univision report continued by saying, "I just wanted a restraining order, I did not want to make a criminal case. This has affected me emotionally. I have no interest." While speaking with reporters Camacho Olivo, a practicing Muslim said he did not beat his wife. "The Prophet Muhammad said that he who assaults a woman is a coward," the boxer told reporters. Hector "Machito" Camacho Olivo's trial will be in January so it does not interfere with his next scheduled boxing match on Dec. 6.

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