Performers wave national flags during a celebration event as North Korea marks the 74th anniversary of the nation's founding
U.S., South Korea Hold Joint Naval Drills As North Korea Plans Nuclear Test Photo by Kim Won Jin/AFP via Getty Images

South Korea sent a harsh warning to North Korea on Tuesday about the use of its nuclear weapons. The warning comes after North Korea legislated a law that allows the full mobilization and use of nuclear weapons against any threat to the country. South Korea’s defense ministry cited the new legislation will only lead the North to a “path of self-destruction.”

According to AP News, experts and analysts were quick to remark about the recent aggressive document from North Korea, saying it will unlikely use its nuclear arsenal to attack first. Doing so could only deepen the country’s already isolated position and usher in further deterrence from Seoul and Washington. To keep North Korea from mobilizing nuclear weapons, the defense ministry said South Korea would need to boost its plan to preempt such an attack.

This would include missile defense and extensive retaliation capacities while strengthening commitment from the United States to defend a long-time allied force even if it means using nuclear defenses. During an interview with reporters, Moon Hong Sik, an acting ministry spokesperson said, “We warn that the North Korean government would face the overwhelming response by the South Korea-U.S. military alliance and go on the path of self-destruction if it attempts to use nuclear weapons.”

South Korea’s new conservative government under newly elected President Yoon Suk Yeol, has laid out a tougher stance with regard to any provocation from the North. Along with this, Seoul offered support plans to its neighbor should it decide to denuclearize. The offer was angrily rejected by Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong who threw insults at the South Korean president.

It was not too long ago when South Korea also warned the North about its use of nuclear weapons. During the rule of Park Geun-Hye between 2013 to 2017, she also sent out a warning to North Korea as it launched several missile tests saying the continued tests will only cause the country to evaporate from the earth. The last time North Korea ran a nuclear test was in 2017.

In his recent speech during the parliament meeting, Kim said he will never abandon the country's nuclear weapons program, as he deemed it necessary to counter impending threats and provocations from both the U.S. and South Korea. Moreover, the supreme leader has bolstered North's weapons tests this year, making 2022 the most recorded number of weapons tests of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

People attend a celebration event as North Korea marks the 74th anniversary of the nation's founding
In this photo taken on September 9, 2022, people attend a celebration event as North Korea marks the 74th anniversary of the nation's founding in Pyongyang. Photo by Kim Won Jin/AFP via Getty Images

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