Flight Diverted
Flight 2675 from L.A to Austin was diverted to Phoenix and searched after a bomb threat. screen shot, YouTube.com

On Monday a Southwest flight bound for Texas from Los Angeles was diverted to Phoenix after a bomb threat was phoned in. U.S. fighter jets were sent to monitor the situation and escort the diverted Southwest plane to its new destination.

Southwest flight number 2675 took off from L.A at 2:12 p.m. Monday afternoon. By 3pm the Southwest flight was diverted to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The FBI is investigating the bomb threat made against the Southwest flight.

An FBI Spokeswoman, Laura Eimiller spoke with CBS News in L.A. Eimiller said,

"The FBI and law enforcement partners are responding to determine the person/s responsible for the threat."

Reuters reports that the Southwest flight diverted to Phoenix was done so at the request of the Los Angeles Police Department. Once the plane landed all 143 passengers were removed from the aircraft safely and with no incident.

Reports say that the passengers were promised to be taken to their original destination as soon as possible.

The plane was then isolated and according to a statement released on the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Facebook page:

"Law enforcement in Los Angeles requested assistance from Phoenix police in checking out a possible threat. The plane has been isolated and is not parked near the terminal areas. Flights at Sky Harbor are arriving and departing on schedule."

Once the plane was safely away from passengers and loading gates bomb squads boarded the aircraft and began to look around for signs of a device. The bomb squad thoroughly searched the plane but found nothing alarming on board.

The FBI is currently investigating.

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