If you’ve ever felt bad about hanging loose with your friends while leaving your pet home alone, there’s finally a way to make up. With the launch of Spotify’s algorithmically curated “Pet Playlist,” you can now create a playlist that your pet can revel in when you’re not around.  

Spotify launched on Wednesday a new playlist generator intended to calm pets who are left on their own. These playlists curate songs for your furry friends based on their species and personality type. “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast,” for instance, runs in two five-hour stretches and features soothing human voices, relaxing music, and ambient sounds that can alleviate the stress of dogs.

What’s more special about the Pet Playlist is that it is not only limited to pet dogs, but also cats, iguanas, birds, and hamsters. With this whole thing expected to go viral in days, Spotify will definitely have another luck standing out from competitors like Apple Music.

To create a playlist for your pet, head over to Spotify’s Pet Playlist website. The website will then present you with five pet options and ask you to define a few personality traits—apathetic, energetic, friendly, curious, relaxed, etc. Based on the traits you provide, Spotify will spit out a playlist icon with your pet’s name on it and generate a playlist that both you and your pet will enjoy.

The selection of songs curated based on your pet’s personality type is meshed with songs in your repertoire to assemble a playlist that will satisfy both you and your pet’s taste. The application will even also ask you to upload a picture of your pet if you want to change the playlist icon into his face!

As of now, it isn’t clear what actual science goes into curating the Pet Playlist, but the science behind using music as a tool to pep up animals is well-established. “When dogs have appropriate auditory enrichment they may bark less, lie down and sleep more, and their bodies are in a more relaxed physiological state,” said University of Glasgow professor and pet physiologist Neil Evans.