Squatters allegedly "destroyed the building" by depositing human feces in one of the rooms, according to the owner of a city center property that was taken over by squatters.

Lottie Watts is a director of Worrall Road Estates, which owns 45 High Route, one of three homes along the street where police issued closure orders on Friday, June 4.

Bristol Live said Avon and Somerset Police obtained a closure order on the three occupied premises last week. This was after "escalating crime and antisocial behavior (ASB)" at 39-40, 45, and 46 High Street — homes that squatters had occupied in recent weeks —

Police said the three properties have suffered much damage, including garbage and graffiti.

Another property owner has recently spoken out about the state in which her home was left, a separate Bristol Live report said.

Ms. Watts claimed the squatters "left human feces in one of the rooms, food all over the place, destroyed the building and left threatening and appalling language on the walls."

"They pretend to be a civilized community but they are vile people who are out of control and have caused a lot of harm and disruption to many people," Ms. Watts said in an online tabloid.

The property owner stated that words threatening to return to the house were written on the walls.

She said their property is a Grade II Listed Building. They will have to bear the penalties of clearing up this mess, Ms. Watts added.

The proprietors are currently putting security measures in place. But the fact that they are compelled to do this to their own building and 'batten down the hatches in a society that is meant to be civil is "quite frankly ridiculous," Ms. Watts said.

"Post Covid-19, [many messages and thoughts were spreading] around the country to help neighbors and be kinder to one another, yet the fact that these people treat other strangers in this way is despicable," she added.

The squatters' acts, according to Ms. Watts, caused them great anxiety and disruption.

She stated that they attempted to negotiate with the residents to see if they would leave without the need for enforcement and that they agreed to pay £5,000 ($7,075) to leave.

"We agreed to their request and then they ran us around in circles for a week before saying that they never intended to accept the money," she continued. "We tried to work with these people and they just mocked us.

"To then leave the building in this disgusting state is appalling," Watts said.

"I hope these people one day in many years time look back and feel ashamed of themselves for what they have done," she mentioned.

"We just hope they leave us alone in the future - we just want to continue with our work now and put this behind us."

Ms. Watts complimented the police for their assistance, calling them "brilliant" and "amazing."

A squatters' representative has yet to comment on the incident.

[PHOTO FOR REPRESENTATION ONLY] QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES - JULY 01: Police teams square off with irate residents during an impending demolition of shanties that turned violent on July 1, 2013 in Quezon City, Philippines. The residents were staying on illegally occupied lands that is set to be demolished to make way for a central business district. Philippine president Beningo Aquino III has vowed to rid the metropolis of thousands of squatter families occupying idle land and waterways by December as an enforced solution to the problem of garbage and floods. Dondi Tawatao/Getty Images

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