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St. Patrick's is the day when green beer, shot potato and Irish Poker come alive! Shutterstock/Candus Camera

Ideas to encourage drinking aren’t exactly necessary on St. Patrick’s Day, as the holiday already involves plenty of glass tipping… but, in case you want to make it even more fun, drinking games can come in handy.

Those of Irish decent and Irish Americans remember the death of the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, on this day. Wearing green, hanging of decorations such as four leaf clovers and claddagh pieces and sharing drinks and a traditional Irish meal with loved ones are some of the most important parts of the holiday.

Parades and bar/pub crawls have also become a big part of the celebration. So let the games begin!

Shot Potato: If you ever played hot potato as a child, then you’re all good. It’s the same idea, except the hot potato is the shot and if you’re holding it when the music stops, you take the shot. Check it out here.

Fisty Kisses: Everyone wears lipstick, everyone drinks out one communal pitcher and then no one can laugh when the last player asks who put lipstick on their glass. You get it, right? Full instructions here.

Blarney's Beer Pong: Assuming you’ve ever played beer pong, much like everything else, the trick to make it festive is to turn the beer green. Get the balls flyin'!

Irish Poker: One of the most popular St Patty’s Day games. You’ll need a card deck, a drink and some friends. Players have to guess which color the card they’re about to turn is, red or black, if they’re wrong, they drink. Easy peasy!

St. Patrick Says: Just like Simon Says but “St. Patrick Says.” Players have to do as he/she says and whoever does the wrong thing at the wrong time has to take a drink. Check it out here.

BuzzFeed’s Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Game: Have the rules to this game handy for the entire day. There are 16 things you need to be looking for or avoiding because if you witness any of them, you drink. Bottoms up!

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