The person tasked to take on the role of Obsidian for the third season of “DC’s Stargirl” has finally been found.

The role of Obisidian in the next season of “DC’s Stargirl” will be played by Tim Gabriel, Entertainment Weekly reported.

For those who may not be aware, Todd Rice or Obisidian is the son of Green Lantern’s Alan Scott. Further, he is also the brother of Jade or Lynn Harden, the role played by Ysa Penarejo in the TV series.

It was in 1983 when Obsidian, created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway, debuted in the “All-Star Squadron” and was also featured on teams like the Justice Society of America, the Justice League of America and Infinity, Inc.

As far as his superpower abilities, Obsidian possesses the ability to merge his body with his shadow, granting him powers such as flight, intangibility and the development of shadow energy constructs, CBR reported.

The debut of Obsidian comes one season after his sister debuted on “Stargirl.” But even before the announcement of Gabriel taking on the role, there were already hints that Obsidian would be eventually making its way into the series.

After premiering in the DC Universe in May 2020, “Stargirl” has been received well. It tells the story of teenager Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) who becomes “Stargirl” after discovering the former Starman's Cosmic Staff.

With the help of her stepdad Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), Whitmore forms a new Justice Society of America.

So far, among the heroes on the cast include The Shade, Eclipso, Thunderbolt, Jakeem Thunder, Jade and the Golden Age Flash.

“Stargirl” was renewed for a third season last May. An official premiere date for DC’s “Stargirl” season 3 has yet to be announced.

Brec Bassinger
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