When it comes to the sanctity of marriage, many people vow to take the commitment very seriously. While members of the LGBT community are just now getting the opportunity to marry their loved ones in specific countries, not everyone is fully on board. Now its is being reported that an Argentinian judge has allowed what many people would think the unthinkable.

According to FOX News Latino, an Argentinian judge created quite a precedent, and an uproar, when he overrode the country's Civil Code and authorized a woman to marry her stepdaughter.

The site reports that last month when the couple decided to formalize their relationship, they were denied a marriage license based on portion of the Civil Code, which has allowed same-sex marriage since 2010 but prohibits any kind of parent-child unions, even if the couple isn't related by blood. The judge overturned the country's code and granted the marriage.

The unconventional couple got together after one of the women married an older man who had a daughter from a previous marriage who was nearly the same age as her. After the husband passed away in 2010, the stepmom got closer with the daughter, and the two eventually started a romantic relationship.

El Pais reports that both women are now in their early 30s, and they sued claiming that the rule violated their constitutional rights.

Family judge Ricardo Dutto agreed, declaring the article unconstitutional and ruling that the constitution guarantees every citizen "the right to be happy."

“The National Constitution implicitly guarantees every citizen his right to seek his own happiness, which entails the right to be treated with dignity by the laws in all dimensions of life, including marriage," Dutto wrote in his opinion.

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