The story of the most successful Latin boy band of all time, Menudo, will go to the screen in the first-ever scripted drama series based on the group. “Subete a Mi Moto—The History of Menudo” tells the story of the formation of Menudo through the band’s rise to unprecedented global success. Originally formed in Puerto Rico in the 1970s by Edgardo Diaz, Menudo dramatically altered the Latin music landscape and launched numerous hit songs and the successful musical careers of Draco Rosa, Ricky Martin and many others.

The first season of the series, which is being produced by Somos Productions, Boomdog, Piñolywood Studios and Endemol Shine Latino, will focus on the origins of the band and its sudden rise to fame. Somos Distribution and Endemol Shine Latino are currently in discussions with potential network/platforms for the series.

“There’s never been anything like Menudo in Latin music history, a band that’s success spans four decades and launched some of the biggest names in the industry,” says Laurens Drillich, President, Endemol Shine Latino. “‘Subete a Mi Moto—The History of Menudo’ will take viewers behind the scenes from the band’s Puerto Rican origins through its unprecedented global success.”

“There are musical phenomena that become well-known landmarks because of their impact both with their songs and stage presence, as well as for the richness of their personal experiences”, says Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of SOMOS Productions. ”Menudo is one of such phenomena and its history guarantees the excitement and appeal of each of this series’ episodes.”

Menudo is one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history, releasing its first album in 1977. The band achieved record-breaking success globally, especially during the 1980s, becoming the most popular Latin American teen musical group of the era.

Menudo had numerous hit songs along the way, including "Quiero Ser", "Súbete A Mi Moto", "Rock En La TV", "Claridad", and "Mi Banda Toca Rock” and released two feature films (“Una Aventura Llamada Menudo” and Menudo: La Pelicula”).

Menudo quickly became popular throughout Latin America and then gained a global following that stormed across Europe, North America and even Asia. The band's original line-up consisted of two sets of brothers: Fernando and Nefty Sallaberry from Ponce, Puerto Rico and the Melendez brothers, CarlosOscar and Ricky Melendez; the latter three are Diaz's cousins.

Unlike most bands, Menudo had a long list of members, as Diaz changed out most members after they turned 16 years old. The band disbanded in 2009, after 39 different male singers had participated in Menudo’s worldwide success.

  • Here's the list of Menudo members:
  1. Nefty Sallaberry (1977–1979) [replaced by René Farrait]
  2. Carlos Meléndez (1977–1980) [replaced by Johnny Lozada]
  3. Fernando Sallaberry (1977–1980) [replaced by Xavier Serbia]
  4. Óscar Meléndez (1977–1981 )[replaced by Miguel Cancel]
  5. Ricky Meléndez (1977–1984) [replaced by Ricky Martin]
  6. René Farrait (1979–1982) [replaced by Charlie Masso]
  7. Johnny Lozada (1980–1984) [replaced by Robi Rosa]
  8. Xavier Serbia (1980–1983) [replaced by Ray Reyes]
  9. Miguel Cancel (1981–1983) [replaced by Roy Rosselló]
  10. Charlie Massó (1982–1986) [replaced by Ralphy Rodríguez]
  11. Ray Reyes (1983–1985) [replaced by Raymond Acevedo]
  12. Roy Rosselló (1983–1986) [replaced by Sergio Blass]
  13. Robi Rosa (1984–1987) [replaced by Rubén Gómez]
  14. Ricky Martin (1984–1989) [replaced by Rawy Torres]
  15. Raymond Acevedo (1985–1988) [replaced by Robert Avellanet]
  16. Sergio Blass (1986–1991) [replaced by Edward Aguilera]
  17. Ralphy Rodríguez (1986–1988) [replaced by Angelo García]
  18. Rubén Gómez (1987–1991) [replaced by Jonathan Montenegro]
  19. Angelo García (1988–1990) [replaced by César Abreu]
  20. Robert Avellanet (1988–1991) [replaced by Alexis Grullón]
  21. Rawy Torres (1989–1991) [replaced by Ashley Ruiz]
  22. César Abreu (1990) [replaced by Adrián Olivares]
  23. Adrián Olivares (1990–1993) [first Mexican Menudo member] (replaced by Ricky López)
  24. Edward Aguilera (1990–1991) (replaced by Andy Blázquez)
  25. Jonathan Montenegro (1990–1991) [first and only Venezuelan Menudo member] (replaced by Abel Talamántez)
  26. Alexis Grullón (1991–2002) [first Menudo member of Dominican descent] (last member before disbandment)
  27. Ashley Ruiz (1991–1995) [first Menudo member of Cuban descent] (replaced by Didier Hernández)
  28. Andy Blázquez (1991–1997) [replaced by Daniel René Weider]
  29. Abel Talamántez (1991–2002)
  30. Ricky López (1993–1995) [member until disbandment]
  31. Anthony Galindo (1995–2000) [member until disbandment]
  32. Didier Hernández (1995-2001) [member until disbandment]
  33. Daniel René Weider (1996-1998) [last new member before disbandment]
  34. Carlos Emmanuel Olivero [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]
  35. José "Monti" Antonio Montañez [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]
  36. Emmanuel Jose Vélez Pagán [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]
  37. Christopher Nelson Moy [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]
  38. José Bordonada Collazo [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]
  39. Dave Rowan (from Harlem) [The New Menudo (2007–2009)]