While many companies are hoping to launch special advertisements during the Super Bowl to sell a product, the latest marketing campaign by Coca-Cola hopes to simply send a message: let's put an end to cyber-bullying.

Coca-Cola calls its latest anti-bullying campaign #MakeItHappy, and hopes to share a message of "Optimism, uplift, and inclusion" for the Sunday game. Earlier this week, Coca-cola shared teasers starring popular YouTube star "Kid President" and more. In addition, celebrities including racing driver Danica Patrick and football player Michael Sam will advocate the heartwarming movement as well.

"It's bold and brave, and intended to disrupt the complacency that's set in around online negativity," says Coca-Cola marketing director Jennifer Healan. "Our goal is to inspire America to become a collective force for positivity."

"Coca-Cola has always stood for optimism, uplift and inclusion… and these core values have been a common thread in our advertising through the years," added General Manager and Coca-Cola VP Andy McMillin.

"We're all surrounded by stories of online negativity, and it's a concern that only continues to grow within society," said McMillin. "We hope this campaign inspires people across the country and around the world to show more positivity in their online actions, and to stop and think before posting a negative comment."

Coca-Cola will officially air a 60-second #MakeItHappy ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Watch the teasers in the videos below: