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Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman is getting ready to “face” off against the Broncos. dressing up is a great way to get in the mood for Super Bowl 50 Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner. Whether you’re watching for the football, the music or just the commercials it is time to dress in your Sunday best and get ready for the most watched and gambled on television event of the year. While pleanty of hard-core Broncos and Panthers fans will turn out to bars and house parties in their teal and orange, most Super Bowl party attendees are just there for the fun, food and booze. So the best way to celebrate the big game is to cater to the less dedicated football fans, and have an all-inclusive event!

Like a bank account, a refrigerator or a first date how much you get out of the Super Bowl depends on how much you put into it. But seriously, the Super Bowl is like a Halloween: dressing up and decorating can take it from rote to special. So how can you make your Super Bowl Sunday stand out?

1) The first easy way to celebrate is to properly decorate! Turn your snack table up a notch by transforming it into an authentic concession stand, a little bit of DIY goes a long way with this set.

2) Get your craft on by creating a banner to hang above your homemade snacks, evite has created a free, totally awesome, printable one available here.

3) If you do use the pre-made signage, then all you will need is some simple twine to string it up! In addition to the banner, serve snacks in brown paper bags for a true authentic feel.

4) Popcorn, chips, pretzels and peanuts are all easy snacks to include on your concession stand display. If you are really committed then serve your drinks in paper Coca Cola cups, just like the ones they use at the stadium, you can purchase these classic cups in varying styles and sizes on Amazon .

5) If soda isn’t really your style, don’t fret we have the perfect cup for your party, and bonus this cup can also serve as a party favor. Super Bowl 50 party sets on Amazon can give your keg or cans a little ambiance.

6) Say goodbye to your cooler, and hello to a DIY beverage tub. Evite gives you step-by-step instructions on just how to make your beverage tub the center of the party, with some turf, tape, and a little PVC pipe, check out the full instructions here . Make your decorations fun and interactive, by including pom poms, footballs and mini field goals.

7) Plan for before and after the game. The hours-long Super Bowl is the major entertainment for the evening, but what about before and after? Super Bowl party activities should still be football themed, but can provide your guests a few minutes away from the game.

8) A DIY photo booth is the perfect way to not only make memories but get all your guests laughing. Black craft paper makes a simple backdrop for this photo booth, provide your guests with football themed props, and some chalk; they can pose, draw out their favorite plays, and of course smile as you snap away some photos!

9) Play some games, especially pigskin. Check out our 5 Super Bowl Party Games post, which includes flag football, charades and others. If you get guests to arrive well before kick-off, you can leverage the day into one of activity, not just hanging in front of “The Tube.”

10) Help guests learn the rules! Touchdowns, touchbacks, first downs, time-outs -- it can be confusing for those unfamiliar with football. So make it easy, for example by printing out these handy diagrams of “American-Football for Foreigners.”

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