Super Smash Bros. 3DS
"Super Smash Bros." For Nintendo 3DS. Super Smash Bros.

The "Super Smash Bros." title for Nintendo's 3DS has finally arrived with rave reviews and we're sure you've been playing for hours on end. If you've been playing then you may have noticed a new mode called "Smash Run." This is a 3DS gameplay mode that has replaced the Subspace Emissary mode in "Brawl."

It starts with a five-minute adventure mode that allows gamers to travel around a massive stage battling enemies. Once defeated gamers will receive power-ups to give them strength, speed, defense and more, which is needed for the second round of mode. In this second round users will have to complete a mission using what they have gathered in the first. It can be quite difficult but with these tips and tricks beating Smash Run should be a breeze!

Customize Your Favorites - If you've got a few favorite fighters you can customize their moves to better suit your fighting style. You can also deck them out with special equipment to make them faster and stronger. This can help you destroy as many enemies as possible to gain as many power-ups as you can before starting your second round

All Items Are Good - Don't skip any power-ups dropped after you defeat an enemy. collect as many as possible even if its only for speed or jumping because you never know what's coming in that second round and all those speed power ups you skipped may be needed for a race.

Be Adventurous - Explore every part of the massive stage because you'll find treasure chest, glowing doors that will take you to a secret mission or just give you random gifts and you'll find more foes to fight.

Anticipate Your Foes - Try to stay alive as long as possible! Anticipate your foes and fight smart so you do not die and waste your time before the second match.

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