Biden and Trump
Biden and Trump went to different border cities in Texas on Thursday to discuss the current migrant crisis AFP

The stakes are higher than ever on Super Tuesday 2024 as voters from multiple U.S. states are set to cast ballots in primaries that will take place simultaneously in a single day. The presidency is hanging in the balance, and campaigns are expected to mobilize in anticipation of only two outcomes: exceeded expectations or unprecedented setbacks.

What Is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is a key event in American politics that takes place on a Tuesday either during the month of February or March. The American public, if not the entire world, carefully keeps track of developments during Super Tuesday as it often serves as the barometer for the viability of candidates' campaigns.

What Makes Super Tuesday So Important?

Due to the geographic and demographic mix of states participating in Super Tuesday, the event is expected to be a crucial test for Democratic and Republican candidates to demonstrate just how much appeal they have on a diverse group of voters. Basically, the event solidifies a candidate's race toward presidential nomination.

Which States Will Participate?









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American Samoa

For Iowa's Democratic caucus, the state opted for mail-in expression of voters' presidential nominee preference instead of the usual gathering of voters to show support. Results will be announced on Super Tuesday.

What's The State Of The Race?

Ahead of Super Tuesday 2024, most eyes are on the Republican Party. The November election is already looking to be a rematch between former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden. However, ex-governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is still in the race as she won the Washington, D.C. primary, marking her first campaign victory.

If anything, Super Tuesday could be Haley's last chance to challenge GOP frontrunner Trump for the Republican presidential nomination and prove that Republican voters need an option besides the business mogul. Many voters, after all, are still haunted by the Jan. 6, 2021 capitol riot that changed U.S. politics forever and formed a shadow over Trump's political career.

What's At Stake?

More than a third of the delegates are up for grabs, which puts a lot of pressure on all hopeful candidates as Super Tuesday has historically delivered not only expected results but, at times, game-changing surprises. One such case was Biden's shock win in Texas during Super Tuesday 2020.

To make the November presidential battle a sure rematch between Biden and Trump, the Democratic president needs to win 1,968 out of 3,934 delegates, while the GOP favorite should win 1,215 of 2,429 delegates.

What Else Should Voters Watch?

Outside of the presidential race, Super Tuesday 2024 also has other critical contests, particularly the California primary for the U.S. Senate seat left by the passing of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Neither of the Democrats challenging the incumbent president has made significant gains, as Rep. Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson have yet to actually pose a threat to the Biden campaign. Still, Super Tuesday may open pathways for any of them to put some pressure on the Democratic favorite whose age has been put in question yet again, this time, on a more serious note. After all, he will be 82 in November.

Finally, there will be much attention on Haley, whose Super Tuesday results could either position her as a breakthrough challenge to Trump or completely wipe out her goal of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

When Is Super Tuesday 2024?

This year's Super Tuesday is set for March 5, but the primaries will end later this month, as neither Biden nor Trump can take the majority of all delegates on Super Tuesday alone.