Susana González Shades Maria Félix Grandson With Hilarious Meme

Susana González is a versatile actress and is one of the names thrown out there to give life to the Mexican diva María Félix. Although it's not official yet, it is rumored that there's a plan to produce a series about the life of the legendary actress. González has expressed her interest in the role, but not everyone thinks she is fit for the part. Alfredo Félix, grandson of the Golden Age star, recently told "Hoy" that Susana wouldn't be a match and suggested another well-known actress in place. 

"Susana González is beautiful, pretty, an excellent actress, but I don't feel like she could portray María Félix," he said. "I feel that they need to find someone that can meet all the characteristics of intelligence, demeanor, and most importantly a great face, someone who can really impose. I would love if it was Bárbara Mori."

Word got back to the telenovela star and she reacted in the best way possible, using a María Félix meme that reads: "If the one that criticized you is ugly, it doesn't count." She also added: "I slept like a baby, thank you for all the good comments. It's difficult to recognize the lineage of a woman like María Félix in the 'star' of that report. I think that she would respond along the lines of..."

Susana González is no stranger to putting up a fight against those that don't believe in her talent. Earlier this year, Niurka Marcos didn't have any nice things to say about the actress after seeing her on stage as "Aventurera," a role the Cuban actress had played in the past. uring the premiere of "Aventurera," the press approached Niurka Marcos and she had harsh criticism toward Susana González. "I think it was very simple, I think I would betray the audience if I said it was something splendid. I believe it was posed. She looks like a Barbie posing. Cute, pretty, but very light. I don’t think she’s a dancer and she’s definitely not a vedette. I’m sorry for Susie," Marcos said.

Later on "Suelta La Sopa" was able to catch González to get a reaction of her. "I didn't hear anything," she said. "The media approached me and made the comments ... you know something, I like to listen to the people that pay for a ticket ... they are very happy and that is what is important to the company. I like to stay with what is good and like I said, if you eat junk good, you will get sick. In regard to the information and all I try not to focus my attention in certain things but I respect everyone's opinions and that's it."

Susana González was last seen in the U.S. in the telenovela "La Candidata" where she played Cecilia. She is Mario’s illegitimate daughter, the one he had with Isela, and therefore, she is Regina’s half-sister. She is a smart and passionate journalist. She is afraid of her father since she knows what he is capable of, but she is also resentful with him because he never recognized her as his daughter and she has always lived in the shadows. She had a real hard time as a child since her mother always tormented her and embittered her against her father. She is obsessed with Regina and has mixed feelings about her: she wants to destroy her but at the same time she admires her. She always wanted Regina’s life and so she tries to take everything she loves away from her, Alonso included; therefore, she became his lover to prove him that she is much better than her sister.

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