Issiah Mehki Ross, who is suspected in the murders of two North Carolina teenagers, reportedly released rap songs online that detailed the killings.

On Nov. 7, the 17-year-old was identified by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as the suspect in the Sept. 17 shooting of Devin Clark, 17, and Lyric Woods, 14, reported New York Post. When he was a fugitive, Ross reportedly posted many new songs on his SoundCloud page under the name @Mi$tr3. They included one song that contained the lyrics “headshot” and described “riding round with a new Glock."

In another track, Ross, who shared "dark lyrics the day after murders," rapped that he got inside his car like he was "sipping on blood. So much red inside my car like in the Akorn I trust. Got some s**t I can’t talk about."

Ross’s identity was revealed nearly two months after Clark's and Woods' gun-riddled bodies were discovered on a gravel road. Law & Crime reported that Ross went to school with Clark at Eastern Alamance High School. It is in the Alamance County city of Mebane.

Cops had not revealed Ross’s identity, despite suspecting him of the crime just 48 hours after the teens' bodies were found. They held off his name because of the state’s strict juvenile protection laws. It is a rule that caused a lot of frustration for area residents. In North Carolina, defendants who are under the age of 18 are tried as juveniles unless their case is moved to a Superior Court.

On Nov. 7, a judge authorized Ross’s case to be transferred to adult court. It allowed the police to finally reveal his name. Officials said that he allegedly shot the teens beneath a power-line easement around early Sept. 17 morning. Sheriff Charles Blackwood said that ATV riders found the two bodies the next afternoon. By that time, Ross had already fled the state. Blackwood said that they had a reasonably good idea where he was going or where "he had gone to and notified law enforcement authorities in Delaware."

He was apprehended on Oct. 5, and two others were charged in Delaware for harboring a fugitive. Officials said that even though Ross is being tried as an adult for the murders, he is still being held in a youth facility. Officials have not yet commented on a motive, but they confirmed having "some evidence," reported The Sun.

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