A concert held on Thursday by Cantopop boyband Mirror turned out to be a tragic one after a massive video screen reportedly fell on the ones performing in Hong Kong.

In a report from the Guardian, the fourth of a series of 12 scheduled concerts by the band held at the Hong Kong Coliseum turned into a disaster when one of the suspended LED screens came crashing down, hitting one dancer in the head and body.

It would then topple onto another performer, a scene that was witnessed by the audience who could only look in horror.

After the freak accident, the other performers rushed to the aid of the two members hit by the screen. The two injured people were immediately brought to the Queen Elizabeth hospital and were reportedly conscious at the time.

However, local media reported that one of the performers was in serious condition while the other was stable.

There were also others reportedly injured in the incident. Three female members were also reported as getting injured per authorities. One of them did not feel well and was also sent to the hospital in a conscious state.

The two others were left in a state of shock but did not require medical treatment.

The concert was inadvertently halted and audience members were asked to leave the venue.

The incident is the latest in a series of concert-related accidents.

On Tuesday, one of the members Frankie Lui allegedly appeared to lose his footing and fall off the edge of a stage while giving a speech.

Following the incidents, an online petition about the safety issues of the Mirror concerts was launched. So far, the petition has garnered over 13,000 signatures from fans.

The petition was made to urge better safety measures by organizers for Mirror and its dancers and to refrain from using unnecessary stage mechanisms or raised platforms.

The songs performed included older hits (like 2006 single "Atrevete-te-te" to the title track of their most recent album. Edwin Sanchez

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