T-Mobile has launched the first nationwide 5G network, first nationwide prepaid 5G with Metro by T-Mobile, and the first 5G devices over areas of the US and has claimed that it covers 200 million people and over 5,000 towns. But even though the network was launched “nationwide”, no one can access the same till December 6, 2019.  

The reason behind the delay

The two new superphones which will connect to the 5G network- the exclusive OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G- are although available for pre-order but it will only be available in T-Mobile stores on December 6. 

Both the phones will be able to access the Un-carrier’s 600 MHz 5G network wherever it is available and tap into T-Mobile’s advanced nationwide LTE network in places it is present. Also, both the phones are ready to use Sprint’s 5G spectrum (2.5 GHz) when it is available, post the merger expected from the New T-Mobile.

Why this is the 5G launch to look out for?

  • Cover more people and places

The 600 MHz 5G will be able to deliver and cover more people in more places. If its pending merger deal with Sprint comes through, the New T-Mobile plans to provide an even broader and deeper network for all Americans.

“5G is here on a nationwide scale. This is a HUGE step towards 5G for All,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “While Dumb and Dumber focus on 5G for the (wealthy) Few, launching in just a handful of cities — and forcing customers into their most expensive plans to get 5G — we’re committed to building broad, deep nationwide 5G that people and businesses can access at no extra cost with the New T-Mobile … and today is just the start of that journey.” 

  • Works indoors

Unlike the 5G networks working on the mmWave, which is hindered by literally anything in its path, the T-Mobile’s 5G goes through walls. 

  • Costs the same

The cost to access 600 MHz 5G is similar to that of LTE in T-Mobile and is not at all expensive, unlike other 5G plans.