Buoys Placed Near Eagle Pass, Texas
A string of buoys is deployed to prevent migrants from swimming across the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass Jordan Vonderhaar/The Texas Tribune

A convoy that has dubbed itself "Take Our Border Back" is heading to the border town of Eagle Pass, in Texas, to show solidarity with the Greg Abbott administration, which has defying the federal government and implementing a series tough immigration-related measures deemed illegal and challenged in the courts by Joe Biden's government.

According to different press reports, members of the convoy have departed from cities in Northern Virginia and Northern Florida, their leaders saying the Biden administration is not doing enough to stem surging migration flows. They have announced a rally in Eagle Pass on Saturday afternoon.

CBS reported that the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), issued a an alert warning that members of the convoy could become violent towards immigrant communities.

"We know that many of them are armed," LULAC National President Domingo García told the outlet. "And many of them have extremist views, especially in terms of the fear-mongering and scapegoating of immigrants and Hispanics." In contrast, North Texas Congressman Keith Self said the claim was "ridiculous hyperbole."

Immigration enforcement is at the center of the political conversation in the U.S., with different clashes between Democrats and Republicans dominating the conversation.

Texas has emerged as a particular focus as the Abbott administration seeks to move on its own on two fronts: the installment of razor wire along the border and the implementation of SB4, a law that allows state law enforcement to arrest and deport migrants.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks in Conroe. Photo by: Reuters/Go Nakamura

Regarding the first, Texas' National Guard members have continued installing razor wire throughout the state's border with Mexico despite a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing the federal government to cut it down.

In a letter posted on his social media accounts, Texas governor Greg Abbott said the state is using its "right of self defense" given the Biden administration's "failure to fulfill" its "constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting States, including immigration laws on the books right now."

The Biden administration also claims that federal agents are not being allowed into Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass. Shelby Park is used by Border Patrol agents to inspect and hold migrants and, according to DHS' top lawyer Jonathan Meyer, National Guard forces have been preventing federal operations to apprehend migrants and rescue those who might be in distress. Moreover, DHS argues that state law enforcement officials have been arresting migrants who cross into the U.S.

As for the second issue, Texas passed SB4, which makes it a misdemeanor to illegally cross the border and a second-degree felony to do so for a second time. Punishments for this latter case range between 180 days in jail to 20 years in prison. The law also allows judges to order that undocumented

At a national level, Democrats and Republicans are clashing over a potential border agreement following pressure from former president Donald Trump to his party tank the deal as negotiators from both parties said they were getting closer to an agreement.

President Joe Biden pressured Republicans to pass the deal, saying that is willing to exercise the ability to shut down the border if it's passed.

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