April 23rd marks an important tradition in the work place; it is the annual celebration of Take Your Child To Work Day! The holiday is celebrating it’s 22nd year in 2015 and the official name Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day show the progress that both males and females have made in the work place wince it’s inception in 1993.  The official website of the holiday, states that more 37 million youth participated in the day last year, and with that number expecting to rise today, you better be prepared to have your children in the office. Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women first introduced the initiative in 1993, and urged parents to bring their daughters to the work place, and then in 2003 boys were included in the progressive program. As for the modern Take Your Child To Work Day, we are giving you some tips and ideas in order to make the most of your day with your daughter or son!

The first piece of advice to ensure a successful day with your son or daughter in the office is to plan ahead. In order to actually teach your child the value of your job and field, ask them what they are interested in and what they most want to learn about. When you know what actually interests your child, you can highlight that aspect of your day, ensuring their attention will be prompt. Continue to discuss what they want to learn throughout the day, and plan to start with the more tedious tasks in the morning and leave the easier more relatable task for the afternoon, when their attention starts to wean.

Secondly, make a learning experience out of each part of your job. This is real world training for your children that they are not necessarily exposed to in school. So if you are a commuter, explain the way your commute functions, your route, the time you allot, and what happens if you are late. If your commute includes public transportation pick up a subway map or a train schedule so they plan the way home. It will be both challenging and beneficial for you child to understand their surroundings.

Create activities for them to complete throughout the day. These activities could range from an office wide scavenger hunt for important items, to meeting with your colleagues. If you include your colleagues, have your child ask them questions about the function of their job, and have your colleague ask your child what he or she would like to do in future. By giving your child the opportunity to interact with multiple employees, they may actually begin to understand how a company works.

In order for them to get the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day experience, crave out some time to engage in actual work for the day. Even if it something less difficult than your normal daily tasks, have your child assist you with email responses or phone messages. Be sure to explain the importance of producing a quality response and see what they come up with. Not that we are advising having your child call your boss, but maybe have then take a message from a colleague or confirm a lunch date.

The last piece of advice that is to make sure your child actually learned something from Take Your Child To Work Day. On your commute home or over dinner recap the day from start to finish, ask them what they learned, what they liked about the job, what they didn’t like, and if they would want to do all over again tomorrow? If the day was upbeat and positive your child will most likely be thrilled about returning to your office again next year!