Take your child to work day
Here are some activities you can enjoy with you son or daughter at work! Shutterstock/ Stacey Newman

Take Your Child to Work Day can be a great way for parents to bond with their sons and daughters in a different environment. It can also be a good change in the daily routine that families always face. Maybe if there is more than one child in the house, they can decide who they want to go to work with. There are some activities that you can do at the workplace so that maybe your children can learn about where you work, can meet your co-workers and basically just enjoy quality time with your kids. Activities will vary depending on the children’s ages.

Here are some activities you can enjoy with your children at work!

1. Provide your younger child with paper and crayons to keep them entertained.

2. Give them chores for around the office like watering plants, minor cleaning.

3. You can have a company-themed scavenger hunts.

4. Competitive educational games are also fun.

5. For older kids, like teens, you can give them a tour of the company.

6. Then let them hang out at the computer center, communication programs or videoconferencing center because nowadays teens are interested in the more hi-tech stuff.

7. Play guess who. Let them guess who the secretary is, etc. because they might have certain stereotypes on who does what in an office.

8. Teach them how to do what you do at work and maybe let them participate in helping you.

9. Treat them as employees for the day.

10. Have a Q&A session with them. Explain the company’s responsibilities and then have them ask questions.

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