Taliban authorities of the country in crisis continue to downplay the violence that continues to plague Afghanistan. The war-torn country could be headed for a civil war as the conflict caused by the Islamic State has grown in the past months. United States officials are worried due to the increasing conflict.

The Islamic State claims that the Taliban authorities are in a state of panic due to their militia’s constant strikes on targets such as Shi'ite mosques. The loss of hundreds of lives continues in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

Reuters reported several incidents which resulted in the loss of life in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesmen continue to claim that the Taliban Emirate has brought stability to the nation. They state that after 20-years of struggle against the western powers, the country is slowly returning to a peaceful state.

Contending the claims, the Islamic State militia continue their attacks. Local reports suggest that on Sunday, Nov. 7 three people died due to a roadside bombing in Jalalabad. The target of the bombing was a vehicle carrying Taliban members. Before the bombing videos of two hanged victims surfaced from Jalalabad, however, their identities and the authenticity of the video remain unclear. Another video that surfaced from the same city showed a gunman firing at the occupants of a car. Local reports claim that one of the victims of the shooting was a Taliban official.

Taking up the title of the Islamic State Khorasan, the offshoot of the extremist group has been trying to undermine the authority of the Taliban. On their Telegram channel, the organization called the Taliban government “Biden underlings”.

It is not only the Islamic State Khorasan that has been perpetuating violence in Afghanistan.

Afghan soldiers and officials who were a part of the former government have been targeted. There have been reports of a former Afghan army soldier shot dead outside his home.

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi claimed that the new government had been trying to prevent acts of vendetta. Many of the attacks have remained unclaimed. The Taliban has blamed some of the attacks on rogue members of the group.

While violence and resistance prevail in cities, Al Jazeera reported that residents of villages in the country are hoping for peace. Residents of villages like Dashtan, Balkh province are happy that the airstrikes and war with the foreign power are over.

US intelligence continues to closely monitor developments in Afghanistan. Clashes between the Islamic State and Taliban could lead to the country’s complete collapse.

Taliban fighters
Taliban fighters patrol the streets on a pick-up in Kabul city, on Nov. 1, 2021. Photo by Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images

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