Taylor Swift recently gushed over Lady Gaga, saying in an interview that the pop singer is one of her current obsessions. Swift also revealed that she’s a fan of Drake, with whom she is rumored to be having a collaboration.

The “Me!” singer may be one of the most popular singers of her generation, but that doesn’t mean she does not admire any of her fellow artists in the industry. In fact, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swift confessed that she’s crazy over Lady Gaga and that she loves every little thing about the “A Star Is Born” singer.

Swift particularly admires Lady Gaga for being so diverse, citing her achievements and how she never runs out of surprises. “When people think she’s gonna go one way, she goes the exact opposite,” Swift said. “She did that Tony Bennett record and won a Grammy. And then she pivots and goes and wins a Golden Globe for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel,’” she added.

“And then she pivots and does ‘Joanne,’ and then she pivots and wins an Oscar for ‘A Star is Born.’ That’s so cool, that ability to be so capable in so many different worlds. There’s so much dexterity to her career,” Swift continued.

The global icon went on to talk about Drake, who is one of the musicians she is currently fanning over. “I love his one-liners,” she said. “‘You say I led you on, but you unfollowed me.’ Or ‘This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, It don’t ever stop,’” she added.

Earlier this week, a possible collaboration between Swift and Drake made headlines after the female singer posed for a magazine shoot wearing badges that represented the things and the people she loves. One of the badges featured a photo of Drake from his “Hotline Bling” music video. The placement of Drake’s pin, which was alongside another pin that read “Track 5,” led to speculations that Swift had just dropped an Easter egg suggesting that the male rapper would be on Track 5 of her upcoming album.

Since she started her career, Swift has been known for being an Easter-egg dropper. It remains to be seen if the ongoing speculations about her collaboration with Drake are right, but considering how Swift loves cryptic hint dropping, the project is not far from possible.

Taylor Swift Singer Taylor Swift speaks on stage at the Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson amphitheater in Universal City, California July 22, 2012. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni